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Right now just brothers the weekend is the first team to lose its first game at the series and win the world title for CBS New South Wales for Pennsylvania traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives at four fifty five let's check in with style but I think our tipsters for checking in really dependent on you this morning that's for sure the four oh five north at Wilmington there's a car fire and just reported in before the CHP could get it want to thank you very much but I ask that person to call nine one one and I'm seeing some slowing right now before the seven ten on the southbound side of the four oh five approaching Wilmington Avenue this car is fully involved and let's hope that everything's okay there let's hope everything's okay on the southeast side of the downtown loop there this is on the one on one north before fourth street and a this is a disabled car does have its hazards on but do look out that's right after he everyone shocking for position between the five of the one one headed up towards the the a San Fernando free December Dino freeway so just be aware of that then also we have this crash in diamond bar the westbound sixty between the fifty seven a break canyon road CHP has all lanes blocked this is for a disabled vehicle that was struck and a single are still in Glendale eagle rock the north bound to is closed until further notice between the one thirty four and the two ten that's for the brush fire yesterday next reports coming up at four five oh five I'm least hours were traffic reports were often can extend seventy newsradio look for sunny skies today and highs in the upper sixties to mid seventies of the beaches eighties to around ninety inland it's sixty seven degrees in Culver city.

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