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That's what concerns me about the bears. I think they'll figure themselves out on. Offense eventually feels to be the quarterback but if that defense i mean i could tell you speaking with people in the rams organization like they didn't go all the way into the playbook even there's still plenty that we haven't seen so they basically you know did what they wanted to the with the big boroughs coming in there and it's not like this is some stiff. Borough wants to throw all over them all so. I think that the bengals might throw three hundred four hundred yards to. If it's the same defensive effort so you love. We love khalil map. We love the front seven but the back was was downright disgusting on on sunday night. So i think i need secure that before. We've been worried about andy. Dolan was fine. Justin feels that winning that game. Either if they're giving up thirty four points okay. So let's let's talk about the rams a little bit because we do know that you have a very good connection. I mean you hosted a show with somebody the ramps they had pumped he had to be so pumped up with matthew stafford. I mean listening to the interviews leading up in the conversations that are happening in the things that people are saying about. Matthew stafford both out of the building and from out there like. Hey we're hearing a matthew stafford is you know is football. Iq is through. His leadership is passionate. Everything like so great. Has that just been exactly. I mean we're only one game into this thing and it looked awesome. I mean the second ball was a seventy five yard. Is it working out. Exactly how both of them thought it was going to. Whenever they're down to mexico get drunk together at a pool while three first rounders on the town and it's early but yeah in week one as well as they possibly could have asked. And i can tell you that last week at practice. They had a great wednesday practice. And then friday at seven on seven and the ball in touch the ground and coming into sunday night with all those facilities there was no nerves. No no butterflies in the stomach. Nothing left us. Go in and go take care of business. And they did and stafford's happy he's healthy. Sean is happy. Obviously and those other receivers like cooper cup obviously had a great game. Robert woods had the toe tap on the back of the end zone. But like we haven't even seen the sean jackson package. We haven't really seen the tutu atwell package. They've got other guys. Everyone's gonna get fed. Everyone's gonna get dares they're coming into indy. That's a tough game. You might go to that game. It's in your backyard. That's a tough game. But i think that they're pretty confident that no matter what is in front of them on defense they're going to put up points and they can do that with stafford a quarterback. Why are you shaking your head like that. Aren't you going to go swing that baby hammer agai- than any hammer you have your house. Okay and in that little penthouse of nielsen. Okay i think it was. That where are you may or may not brooklyn in brooklyn also. I'll see you in a bit off. Chemistry he was the fifth pick overall in the old cbs. He's in a couple of buildings. I think bob and that's aj hawks. Life i've made. I've made a career at kissing the guys a lot. More money schrager. You're the fucking best dude. We have Last question here from me. Speaking of the colts and hopefully it is a tough game for the rams. I mean i last week. Russell wilson was cooking obviously and then. He was incredible on monday. Manning i become a russell wilson fan actually in two days but i think the call it will be back. Colts hard knocks. Hbo november seventeen th every week going forward. I've heard they're potentially collecting some clips..

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