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May three of eleven attempts this season so he's do jobs waves good one more comments over gad that's his first point here tonight nice job by gavin michigan say now six of aid from the free throw line and per schilling he's got four rebounds to go along with that point as we said earlier at eight against rutgers rebounds and the second one is growing so schilling threw for two about bad amateur by twelve now three seconds left and a half welcomes in an over there to cohe for malvo forty watches and it is not good and that is the away this happens monaghan with michigan state meaning seven utah by twelve forty two to thirty and now we're being joined by assistant coach dane five the nets john take it away mack well dane a bit of a sluggish first app you got you still scored forty two points which you're brushing so far the first half while we told our team before the game that they force 15 turnovers a game we weren't really sure how because they play a lot like us in terms of really packet an an and making the shoot jumpers put some are we found a way what do we have eight turned off her seven seven where you go some are we found a way let's talk about it nick war takes his first three knocks down a huge shot at the end of the shot clock may displaced exploded while it was a heck of a shot you know it's it's uh and it comes down it gets a technical so and we know that was also after the deal you go to get a five point swain there let's all we finish half on a positive note we get a great offense agreed pound tom drives gavin hit two free throws so that's a that's a positive thing again the happened what did it it's a bank specs dare they're making some hilarious where shots like what you did when you were in college stage when he took a jumper so john went out well when they were parishad seriously did but we we've got you know we've we've got a.

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