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Going on. To more younger quarterbacks when we look at this year's rookie class at the quarterback position who's your preference behind center yeah that's a that's a. Great question I think that there's there's obviously. Different guys create or provide different things and that's kind of what we we all, discussed during, that process to get to the draft and what each guy what does? He, bring to the table Baker Mayfield obviously in, that situation Cleveland it's, just been a, black hole for quarterbacks I mean I don't mean they drafted. So many over the years in consecutive years and here's Baker mayfield's opportunity, I think there's a competitiveness the Baker Mayfield that, might make him different I. Think he's he's got. A, little bit of a, chip on his shoulder, by tells, him these two small every tells him his arms not strong enough a lot of times the. Quarterbacks that went to Cleveland where these big strong arm guys there was supposed to be, the best guy in the drafting Baker Mayfield was under the. Microscope a lot more he had some things off the field that happened with him I'll be. Interesting, to see, how he handles, and they've got a my conversations, with David Archer. You.

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