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You don't love you. Don't act it so look at you. I mean you would never think that so. Okay let's get back to this. Oh come on your wait a minute. I'll fix it up here. Okay okay so me and my fellow old people. I in two months be seventy five now. Okay so in that group of people. It was a six year study. Of course because you know the age of the people and so forth so in the control group here almost eighty two percent of these people died. Eighty one point eight again using. Just the pie. Neil peptide okay. It dropped it to forty eight forty six percent forty five point eight percent. I mean dog gone. Oh i gotta stop holding it down. Okay i get over excited about this stuff because it applies to me as well and all my loved ones and peanut our little puggle dog and so forth on peptides peptide dot gal k so so forty five percent On the one peptide reduction from eighty to then they had added for six years. They added a second peptide. And that's the thymus or immune peptide immune system peptide. They dropped the those people that were taking the two peptides. Their mortality rate dropped to thirty three percent so from eighty two percent to thirty three percent in this old people category that was the incredible reduction in mortality and the reason that had happened was they got telomere lengthening. They also without knowing it at the time got dna menthylatim modification but most importantly they got organ regeneration. That's what the peptides were doing. Just with those two peptides so the exciting thing it is that today we have twenty three of these peptides and in the clinical studies. We're using most of those for most people would say the average person is probably using over a course of a year. they're using at least nineteen or twenty of the various peptides. because there's peptides for the heart. The liver kidney pancreas the retina muscles cartlidge renewal and so forth. Now here's the the really amazing part of this in. Go back up here.

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