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Performance definitely needs to be looking at trying to form some type of union across all john of music man because You right if you if you compare the music industry to the nfl and look at how. The nfl used to treat their old timers very similar. You know what. I'm saying like the people who laid the foundation for the nfl and will you used to watch on all. Those old highlight fields. You oughta crazy tackles and all the calls line tackles and all the crazy plays. Those dudes are jacked up. Bus can't talk can't walk. you know what i'm saying. Because they didn't. They weren't getting anything out of that after they retired. You know what i mean and thing with the founders of hip hop the people who really laid it down in the eighties through the nineties. Shit like that a lot of those dues. They signed bad contracts. They not get royalty money. They not get nothing. You know what i'm saying. So mario you'll be in the problem with that is and this is what i would do. The same thing happens with the nba stuff A big part of the nba will be like Scrubs role players and they don't have as much bargaining power as the superstars and a lot of times. The old heads or the not. So hot people can get depends on the level to which the superstars will Will you know back back them. Up blood of superstars have no incentive to really fight for things. Because they're like hey. I'm doing okay. You know so if that happens. We're hip hop what these founders and everything need. They would need all the new people who are doing good now to take a stand with them and get them that stuff. And i feel like a lot of hip hop is not built like that like. There's no type of like the way that nikki menards can take little kim's whole swag. It intrigued her. She's a bum and her fans. Follow suit like i too like for for his typical hip hop..

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