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Powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red 9 15 over to Brian Albin and Nick there's no way to say it other than the nationals have fallen on some tough times They've lost both legs of a day night double header yesterday to the Phillies for their second 7 game losing streak of the season but the Nats have overcome tough times before and a lot of it started with Ryan Zimmerman Over his entire 16 year career with an act Zimmerman saw the Nats win only 59 games in back to back seasons but he was the cornerstone that allowed the nationals to be the team of the NL east in the 2010s eventually leading to their 2019 World Series win and today at Nats park Ryan Zimmerman's number 11 will be retired and for former net atom eaten part of what made zim special was his leadership It's almost like a father if he doesn't yell at you all the time When he does yell it means something And zim was very much or he was a guy that never overstepped his boundary never say too much always would say the right words He's one of the more impressive human beings that's not the most impressive you're being ever been around First pitch today is at four 35 while in Camden yards the Orioles will look for two straight wins against Tampa Kyle Brady gets the start at four O 5 The third round of the U.S. open gets underway from the country club in Brookline Massachusetts and half an hour but leaders Colin Morikawa and Joel Damon won't T off until three 45 they'll start the day at 5 under par while 30 players in total are at even par or better so it's still anyone's tournament I'm Brian Albin WTO sports The top stories we're following for you on double your TOP There's something in the water music festival continues for a second day on the national mall thousands are expected to be there in southwest some streets are shut down because of it A gas tax holiday in Virginia has failed The House of delegates had voted in favor of suspending the 26 cent per gallon gas tax from July through September but last night the state Senate voted it down And toddlers could soon be eligible for a COVID shot the FDA has authorized the vaccine for kids under 5 opening the door to vaccinating millions of the country's youngest children a final okay from the CDC is expected in the coming days Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes A heads up for drivers.

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