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We think now they are, you know, very smart in terms of the draft and guys are necessarily rated highly by other teams of patriots on I'll pick them and win with them. But they lose a couple of offense lineman. So. A lot of a lot of ways if you are a jet fan or a patriot hater or both. I think a lot of people are you look at this off season so far, and you take a little bit of a heart with that any inch. Interesting thing is a village during the combines was I'm vacation. You wonder okay. Is that ehre Gance or is he just smarter than the average? Bear knows it. I'm not going to put too much stock in what I see guys running around in shorts. I've got my my ways of evaluating talent. And I trust our scouting situation. And we're going to be successful that way. Not much giants news to report this week, everything pretty much quiet on that. And the big thing in football. Of course was the institution of the one year experiment with instant replay regarding pass interference. Ira from Staten Island called before wondering what we thought about that. And. I mean, I think it's a it's a worthy experiment. I hear people. Oh, it slows the game down and now judgment calls and replay and look replays going to be with us. You you can't turn the dial back necessarily on technology. But you can modify it you can change it and give a tragic tragic example, you know, the two Boeing seven thirty-seven supermax as it crashed over the last year and why they did. And apparently what they are finding is that there is there were two sensors that are mounted toward the front of the plane and without getting too technical the angle of attack is what gets the planes in the air. They're supposed to be like a three degree angle of attack. So when they get in the air, they slew they go up up up up up up. And if they go up too fast the plane is in danger of stalling if they go down too fast, they're in danger of you know, nosediving and crashing. So you have to keep that angle of attack pretty consistent. Well, apparently, what's happened. Is that these sensors then relay information? And the pilots have to override it. If the information is incorrect in other words, if the plane's nose, they think is going to fast it basically brings it down. So that the plane doesn't go up installed. Well, the sensors sometimes conflict and give different information. And if one of them says the ankle of the tech is too high. Jerks the plane down and apparently the pilot were not well enough trained to know how to override that system consistently. Or maybe the system couldn't have been overridden, and it was a tug of war where it was going back and forth back and forth back and forth until the system actually one and crashed the plane, my point is that. All right. So that's bad technology. Well, it was intended to be a safety feature. So that the pilots didn't have to worry about the plane stalling out. Instead it turned into a liability just like in the NFL instant replay supposed to be a good thing to get the calls. Correct to make sure that everything goes the way it should. Well, if it turns out to backfire and bite them in the you know, what I think the NFL being a very progressive league when it comes to rules after one year, we'll say, okay, this didn't work. Let's try something else. I think it's probably a good thing. Thank it's probably a thing where you will learn that, you know. No. Mel every once in a while, maybe more than once in a while pass interference call is incorrect, and the coaches will have an opportunity to say, okay review. It take a look at it. See what you think when you see it in slow motion. And maybe some incorrect calls will get overturned. We'll see how that shakes out. All right. Let's get to our phones. Tom in Merrick is with us you're on the fan. Tom. Hi, richard. How are Tom? I'm good. I think I think they had to change it. Because of what happened in the playoff? I think they changed it, obviously. But anyway, the thing I wanted to ask you, I think you would have a lot to say on this, which I'm asking you. I was a kid when Tom Seaver was ousted from New York and everyone talking about him Donald grant. But I think and maybe it hasn't brought up before the the role of dick young back in the day with newspapers were probably. Credibly powerful do people these days. Probably don't realize how powerful newspapers were. Ability to bend, m Donald grant skier and also on his own kind of pommel fever to the point of submission of maybe you could shed light on that having gone through that. Yeah. I mean, it's interesting. Dick, young was a guest when I did my sports connection show with Rick around on any W, A M, and dick Kim was aghast and I had him on. And we basically I think had a contentious argument about that. Dick, young was a very opinionated guy a very conservative guy, and he did not like Tom Seaver at all. And. Part of part of what the newspaper columnists job is to stir things up. And if they have a strong belief that a certain guy is good for the team. And they don't like that guy. They can indulgent personal vendettas, and they can trash guys. And I mean, we're seeing it today where people can print things and say things that aren't necessarily true. They don't necessarily have factual basis behind them. But if they say enough, there is a continue to people who believe it, and without the internet that we have today without the access to information that we have today, the newspapers were incredibly powerful, and the the daily news and the post, especially as tabloids would go toe to toe, and if the post had an opinion, the daily news would have the opposite opinion, and it's somewhat true to this day that they take opposing views to stir up their audience and dick young wrote a lot of things about Seaver that a lot of fans started to believe because they didn't have information to the contrary and certainly. Donald grant thinking that. Well, you fans don't like this guy either we can get rid of them and feeling that. Well, we're losing with this one guy if we get five guys in return, maybe we can turn it around and win. But they've got a lot to do with that. He certainly did. And you know, there's any columnist in baseball. I have that power today. I tend to doubt it because there are so many independent sources of information that no one guy in I'm including people on this radio station. Have that kind of power. It can be negated through other sources now because there are so many other ways to get information whereas back then. You know, you had the times didn't get involved in this kind of stuff. So if the two tabloids basically, you were saying something over and over and over again, people tended to believe it and tended to be heavily influenced by eight seven seven three three seven six six six Sweeney on the Yanks next. There are two kinds of people those who go home to change and those who role with the times Wrangler makes genes for the second group, the trendsetters the Mavericks, the leaders of the pack those who were found by nothing from bull riders to Rockstars from work life tonight..

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