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If we do a lot in them up and running for a big pile arrow deja we're not gonna worry baddest any when they're dropping the ball which when a guy in what the ball is that when we're starting to might in the office in these listings. You listen to podcasts. Man appreciate listen to the the nfl. But that's trapped in washington one win that division division hundred percent. Yeah and couple couple of reflections on that number one if the jets her trap game the jets the trap without without the thing that hits the mouse on an empty thing cheese because often what we lost weight they let everything through But he also writes really good point with me before the game even started any equated saw another. Nfl right on twitter. And so the said Hauer land the steelers. I on having five wide receivers now stills on the pausing game and you know if it wasn't for that they wouldn't be anywhere and i said will yet fine but you know and all they drops basically at you know they will not retain the nfl. And i said cool but we're eleven. Where eleven in our will before that stage of said imagine if we get it right imagine if we get right now wasn't him saying it was. It was someone on twitter. But like i just thought to myself you can't sit there and criticize them. Eleven in our tain and then say they playing terrible. Manny manny manny. Does he want us to play rugby. Is you want us to play rugby. League impossible three or four times in a. That's that's very silly statement because the reason we eleven were eleven eleven one is quasi reality is in five cents in. Ben loves throwing five sets so if you say we'll be nothing without that will yet. Is that sarah offense. That's just the way it is. Yes we do. We do want us to play a more running. We want to do more run base team which is going to help us out in cold weather off of big ben. Goes out this quake and schools four touchdowns touchdowns.

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