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Like the three stooges where the guys like the women. Look like were they look at us like we're lunatic. But that was too quick, right? Ricki bye. Or? Be was right. Two choices. Ricki? Bye or and I guarantee you this is going on right now in a car. That's tuned into KFI. They're listening to show. It's a couple and couples go through highs and lows and might be a low where you know, they were on each other's nerves or last week or so, and we played that the guy laughed at it. She didn't. And now it's silence. Sam in the car. Silence. Sam and been there before the silence silence. Roy and man is the worst. But I so we're not trying to irritate you women out there. But I just thought it was funny. Rickie life or. Not. Pretty hard, man. What the hell I was reading through some of the information that I have access to on the five freeway park, and it's not confirmed. But from what I'm reading it's possibly a male. It's gotta be it's gotta be. There's no way. I mean, the odds of it being a female or almost zero. All right. Let's go. Let's we'll we'll tell you when that freeways open. If it does open by the time, we get the hell out of here at ten o'clock that may or may not happen. Who knows? All right. Very good. We have a family that was kicked off a plane because they stunk. When we come back. We'll tell you what they smelled like, it's got my show bender. Nastase.

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