Bloating, Perry Lamar discussed on Red Eye Radio


Vote that if they do that tomorrow now the word they don't care about spending they're just trying to get this done because they know they can't get to 60 their abiding by that rule they'd love to change the rule they know they can't get to sixty on on that vote so then what do you do while you kinda like like you said when you can manipulate number us here and there you're fit fit it within that one point five trillion on this bill and as we suspected all along at the end of the year in december they're going to deal with the spending bill and that is where the bloating will continue but go over the top in the spending bill nikos democrats want to spend too so in terms of spending that's not going to be a problem but and and you do this that's why they want to get this done first and he could be my question is this gary the art are they trying to make some deals i i still don't think that the democrats could on board for this tax bill but is the attempt been made to say look you know we can have discussions and december all what we're going to spat well what they're saying is on obamacare no well on the subsidies here's what they're saying if you if you do this with the individual mandate of unique part of it then the legislation that were putting together right now than that perry lamar alexander work in a bipartisan which originally was to look at obamacare in general and subsidize the insurance market but at the.

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