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One A 1.5 news starts now It's for clock. I'm Patrick Labrie topping our report this hour. Governor Murphy comes out swinging against the lawsuit by the Trump reelection campaign to stop New Jersey's planned to conduct November's general election, mostly by mail due to claims it will lead to more voter fraud. Murphy and dismissing those claims. His vote by mail is not new in New Jersey, adding that it has proven successful in the election after election, including in July's primary is the president and his team tryto de legitimize our election and impact the health. And safety of millions of New Jerseyans. We will defend our rights vigorously and we will not back down. Murphy says. The state's plans for November will move forward. Meanwhile, is the postmaster general has announced no further changes will be made to the US Postal Service until after the November election. ST. G Great Wall says we will remain vigilant tweeting We remain concerned about the changes already implemented and will continue working with other state to protect the election pharmacist in all 50 states of being authorized to give childhood vaccinations this fall. Under a new federal directive, it effectively temporarily preemies pharmacy restrictions in 22 states, including New Jersey, which currently allows pharmacist to give flu shots for those seven years and up and other vaccines for patients, 18 and older, according to professionals. What will the jobs of tomorrow be like in the garden State Cole's Santa Lear who heads up focus, New Jersey, says Overarching Lee. Future work in New Jersey is really focused on the adoption and integration of new technologies and artificial intelligence throughout our industries. A group has a new report that finds worker skill sets will need to be improved through expanded non traditional education endeavors like apprenticeships and more vote. Tech programs. A Cumberland County officer suspended for making racist comments on Facebook. NJ dot com Reports Rome Smith says a five year old shot in the head as he rode his bike in his front yard quote should have ducked. A boy can unhinge was white. The alleged shooter was black Rome. Smith is also African. American officials say the remarks were shockingly insensitive..

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