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You congrats as always every time you guys come out with one of these books first of all they're always great you marathon book fantastic the Pete phrasebook fantastic I know this one's going to be fantastic but it's always an accomplishment and achievement when you get one of these things out even in these crazy pandemic times so congrats to both of you guys on this no thank you read beer you know it is all too happy about this whole situation with you know obviously case and are excited to share our work with with you know people want to read it but you know we're in weird times and it's certainly a weird time to release a book and you know that's not lost on us and you know we understand a lot of people are you know can't work at home or you know the business is shut down and it's you know it's a it's a difficult time but you know wait wait wait doing what we do or where you know we're trying to provide content for people that want it and I hope people pick up the book and read it why this particular topic for you guys you guys have you know books have been made movies have been made of books that you guys have been involved then you've got huge projects coming down the line what about John Lennon why you did John Tom Brady stuff so why A. Y. eighty I mean there's been a lot of books written about him why did you guys go you know what we got to get in on this too well because someone needed until the end of the story V. B. you know and and you know when we case in ari never thought we'd do any initial Whitey books to me Casey wrote kind of a Whitey prequel in animal which is the story of the animal Barboza who was the first gangster in witness protection you can increase the the the winter hill gang but you know what once Whitey Bolger was killed in prison are you know our region I in case you know I talked to said you know what this is a story here to be told about his life on the run how he was caught most importantly how these FBI agents and US marshals and and different folks pulled together and and put aside the corruption and caught him and then what was life like imprisoned and ultimately how was he murdered why and that's really the story that we tell here so we think it's a story that hasn't been told people don't know you know ninety percent of what's in this book people now one is I think that people get a what I think I'm going to get when I read this book Dave is that why he was pretty good at being on the lam he was great at it you know he was a student that uses sort of crime you know he loves to talk about Alcatraz and tell people that Alcatraz was his Harvard and and but it is similarly he was a student of being a fugitive and when he was ultimately caught in Santa Monica in addition all the guns upon all the cash they found a lot of three got used a lot of our books about how to be a fugitive and how to assume other people's identities how to stay on the run so here's a real student that he had been preparing for this whole life would be you know he's no dummy he watched his our cohorts go down he watched people read each other out you watch Lara was would take down its friends to watch people get murdered he had a plan he stuck to it and it worked I mean the guy lived to be eighty nine years old and there was a you know we all know what happened he was caught out in Santa Monica the guy sort of lowered him out and I got him and then they got cancer Greg cetera well what's kind of weird to me always about the stories how really close they were to not getting I mean they put it up on TV they said look let's look out for this woman meaning Katherine Gregg because they kept doing a Whitey thing and nobody was spotted a guy because that guy's everywhere but say look out for this woman if not for a woman from Iceland they want to get these guys well the the funny part about this story is is that why he's downfall you know why he was a hater of women he he he loves to control women like Catherine Greg and Theresa Stanley he loves to kill women like Debbie Davis and Deborah Hussey but he respects women ultimately was three really strong smart brave women that took him down the woman Anna from Iceland that put in the details the woman Noreen Gleeson from the F. B. I. who made the decision to chase Catherine instead a Whitey and had not decided to put that PSA out along with some other folks the F. B. I. office and then ultimately judge Denise Casper who was an African American female judge on that it was ultimately the final judge of why the state and nothing could have been harder for Whitey to accept that his fate in the hands of a black female judge if he was a notorious racist a notorious misogynist and it was really poetic justice that he was brought to justice by three women they are book is hunting Whitey Dave wages the author is the inside story of the capture and killing of America's most wanted crime boss and all your research all your interviews that you guys did for this book Dave of course there's going to be unanswered questions because that's the nature of mobs and that's the nature of bosses and that's the nature of these stories what's the one thing that you wish you could pin down a you could get the definitive answer to when it comes to Whitey Bolger all I'll give you two things one is I his brother Billy's true involvement I sat with Billy for about two hours for this book in this exclusive interviews in there with him we talked extensively about his his his relationship with his brother and why he thinks his brother went the way he did and he also talks about the the potential corruption and bad extreme negligence that was exhibited when he was moved to that prison where is murdered beyond that though the the the the real big mystery here is what happened all that money what happened to the money that Whitey Bolger stashed in stash boxes around the world whether it's in safety deposit boxes are safe house or somewhere there's millions of dollars out there somewhere and someone that family was someone is criminal ring knows where that is and that money belongs to the victims and I I would love to see that stuff around and I really hope that this book will kickstart a new FBI investigation to find or into a pole to find that money and give it to the rightful owners sorry great job piece that CBS did review on this book over the weekend and you guys are talking extensively about why these last day that day in prison when he was murdered is it is simple is there were guys in there that don't like guys that had anything to do with the feds or was this one of those killings that was going to be a notch on a belt for a guy in prison is it a combination of those things why was why he killed I think it was a combination of those things but in addition of the personal reasons as well Freddie GS who are a force for the spring criminal mafia what he was friends with his first time with a guy named Freddie why trouble we can there be be he was one of the many guys that Whitey falsely put in jail Whitey read about Freddie white jewel claim that he committed a murder he didn't commit fraud watch will serve thirty six years in prison for a murder he didn't commit a killing of a guy in Braintree in the eighties and pretty GS the guy who's one of the accused of of killing Whitey Bolger served time with red white chill they were friends and in letters that he wrote to Casey and I put this book you mentioned Fred white chili talks are in pretty glowing terms about him and that may have been a motivating factor here where you know not only was Whitey Bulger a notorious rat not only was he a notch in the belt of anyone in the prison system right Hey this is the guy that killed Whitey Bolger let's not mess with him that element existed in addition to that yeah this personal vendetta with no downtime for anyone who was a good guy and why do you put him in jail I'm gonna take care of this Dave wedge great stuff as always congrats on the book I expect to see it on best seller lists almost immediately well we hope so V. billion you know best all you listeners out there I know we're in hard times and and I I really rooting for everyone to come back hi my friends in the media my friends at the restaurant industry by four of the business everyone's doing their best right now so we got all pull together well said we'll talk soon thanks tell take care Dave wages demand the book hunting Y. AT the inside story of the capture and killing of America's most wanted crime boss it is available now get it in all of it quick break when we come back lightning she's gonna start seeing him it's really you're in.

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