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To kind of talk like really loud and almost like baby talk can we get away like they're like sister jean we know you have to brackets and i'm like she's quicker than than you are like you know let's get away from the bay roy williams like right i mean he's almost similar age i get it that's a tough interview it is what to do in the bang bangs feel of a game pas ninety eight year old so we'll we'll get more into lola's path here i think i think nevada is gonna pull it out i hope the whole with them and look for the brackets blown up it so i'm bump poland for form but they've got a great team and now it looks like and i'm sure we'll talk about this a little bit later on his show especially probably with teddy greenstein who's one of the greatest living americans is poor mosier it looks like bio counts they're trying to lock this thing up but he's smart right i would be a bigger upset than what they've done in his tournament to lockdown porter mosier longterm abby big time so the talk is that they're working on that extension a we know he's making somewhere in the neighborhood of four hundred forty thousand right now plus bonuses man i mean hey you know we'll see how much of a raised you think honestly he will get just if you could just ballpark four boosters have to really engage in step up up the union was something like this but he should be used to be a millionaire you think they're going to give him almost six hundred grand i think i think he should make a million dollars for what he could mean to the institution and what he could do for that basketball program he's doing something out of these other universities can't seem to do is locked down some talent in the chicago public league and make it a worthwhile thing that translates to wins in the postseason and march who wants to do that it's the paul doing it is illinois.

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