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It's actually not bad it doesn't taste like beep turkey dryer but it's good dryer them. Oh my goodness i. I have a twenty mile hike. That i might just snack. These can actually taste the blueberry. And the whole thing. I'm gonna watch we'll be able to talk about five minutes thing and by the way. This is only a couple of sips a beer that was willing to on here again. I'll make sure brings some of the streets i i. The crickets actually dared your sister to eat crickets with me. Did she used to be dead. I definitely love snails so to me. This would be a step in the right. No one warned me. we'd be product. Why not this is actually really good so for everyone out there. Chicken breasts blueberry. Pumpkin blackwood doctorates. They are edible for human consumption as well and again it definitely sounds like that would be all the diets that were supposed to be following. I don't know if it if it would follow kato kito with that. Is that how you pronounce them. Kito you could tell. I died alive but does that. Follow that Let's see it doesn't say they must not be required. Put their carb carbon saying so there you go. And it's it's it's ninety four k. Calories what is that calorie So that's less than a gallery. I'm not sure especially in the company. But i could find out us. That'd be able to sell this product right now anyway. We didn't think it was bad. Your pets will love it exactly. I'm pretty sure my dog will absolutely love. Do you have a dog. I used to best way last year. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. Eighties hard fifteen years. And you know it in. That's eighteen years rate. Little jack russell. Yeah so yeah you know had some health problems and you know it was a who's tough dr definitely generally members. Yeah for sure in you know. And that's the thing that's the pet space at were in it so interesting over. Even since i've been started. Ever since i worked for a how pet you see the. There's there's constant growth in the industry. Yeah and it's because we treat our dogs you know like like family members no longer pets there. Companion animals yes. That's what your trainers. Probably ask us not to. Do you go to these shows. You'd be amazed at some of the products that are out there that they actually sell it. Treadmills for your dogs and things seeing the i know. There's there's people that you know. Spray paint their dogs hair and stuff like that so yeah nail. Yes so you know. They treat their treat their animals like putting them in your your siblings. Close having them run around the house. All of our animals halloween outfit yet. My my daughter always tried to get me to buy something we have cat now..

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