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We. Always even know that we're doing MRS can happen. So unconsciously right it's just it's like the click of a finger we just it starts to rise and we just without even realizing it's reflex. You know we use that sarcasm that positive. Or any other sort of Any other sort of destruction. In its reactive, it's very it just happens like a reflex in Surrey understanding that when we're doing these things and just using this knowledge that I'm sharing with you today. You can begin to bring a little bit more awareness to to how this is playing out fear right and that's all it takes I hate to break it to you guys doesn't have to be odd that's all it takes and I don't care. If you're following me you normal about simplicity animal about. Making it so easy that it's hot like it not even had it is it's hard to to kind of like grasp how easy it is because there's so many things happening in the world that make it feels so much hotter. This eager that comes in and makes big story dramatizes. It only makes it really really really sticky tacky in. It doesn't have to be that hard. Are So we can actually start to bring our win conscious awareness to this just for listening to my voice just hearing my words just through the examples that I've provided and the tools that are more fraying, you can actually begin to make. More conscious decisions, naked. Si and NC that reflex inaction. Literally you can start to see it in action. You'll be sharing something you'll be. Talking about how you're feeling. You'll be expressing yourself in away and and then all of a sudden you realize what you've done. What you've said you looking around the room if you're expressing publicly, you're picking up on the energy of other people you start to feel vulnerable and exposed deeply exposed like you're standing naked in front of everybody. And you feel that discomfort arise in the first thing you do is Look don't get me wrong guys annoyed that people have much better. Much worse off the main, you just reactively instinctively instinct to you know about basic needs to feel safe, and so we do whatever we can to feel safe right And you can just you can just witnessed that unfolding. You can just witness that Ole happening and. Something I feel I is really important to remember and I WANNA make sure I share with you is out if you do witnesses happening. The healthy way to to deal with this is to breed. And simply relate to it just relate to it just relate to it in a way that. Sorry, Compassionate. Give Yourself Commission to actually get forgive yourself FIF-. Give yourself for not really recognizing it before fitness forgiveness is really really k. here and also is compassion. You give yourself a Lotta compassion for not knowing what you know. And for not realizing what you didn't realize until now until you realized it. And then also. Something really interesting as well. That can happen is that in depending on where we are now our. Development. We might take that experience and turn into something else like shame. And? James. On a bad thing shame on its iron. It can coexist with compassion. You know it is it can have compassion a alongside of it. But we do what? What what tends to happen is that we we take those experiences. And we make them. We make ourselves. Wrong. Right, and this is a really unhealthy way or Tokes equator you shame when we make ourselves wrong. You can you resonate with that like if you if you would a witness yourself go back into your pocket and sort of. You might remember may remember or recall a time where wow. I. Did that Ellen Ellen talking about something. That I've done before Oh my God. You know lack I have done that so many times and I've been. Instead of witnessing and being a witness and just. Really relating to that experience just like horrible human being whose learning. Like a little kid learns riot. When you take that and go wow, I am sorry I am bad. SHAPE I I do that I am bad right. That is that is unhealthy way to work with shame. I just WanNa, pull that in there because I know that many of my followers is many of the people who are listening to this. Perhaps. Just. Need that reminder. Right. So Yeah that's that's where mount with positively at the moment. I, think it's It's so great. I. Always say what you focused on you can create more of riot. So when you're focusing on the positives, you can create more positive than I want to shed more light on positivity as as a really powerful tool. And I WANNA make sure that we understand that when we're using positively as a way to avoid Howard feeling to avoid discomfort to black pass what's coming up for us to not express ourselves into instead shot ourselves down into retracting pool away to hide. it's not a healthy way to use positivity. And I truly I truly feel this is something I've I personally have witnessed and work with myself recently and I feel pretty good about sharing. Sharing that inside. But. Then there is, of course, the other side of positivity. What if when not using positive a away to avoid Howard failing what if we're not using positive? What if we're using it as a way to to feel good. Now, there's a whole other aspect positively in I wanNA. quickly, share with you is that. You know. If I say to you. I want you to go out into the world and I want you to find everything that's wrong with it. Right, you will go out into the world and you will find everything that's wrong with it, and you will find in create more and more and more and things that are wrong with the world. If I if I instead ask you to go out and go. Hey guys I want you to go out into the world and find everything that's right with the world everything. That's beautiful. We're doing this right now in my heel hook in Mahela. Group. I'm having the Ghost feel WHATSAPP group with everything. That is beautiful. Everything that they perceived to be beautiful and you know what's happening going out and they finding more and more things that are beautiful than noticing things. That they, they wouldn't have seen as beauty before you know that they're actually consciously finding the beauty and things and it's Very similar was activity. If we look for the good, we find the good and that is a really healthy way to use positivity. And not just not just as a way to give it to ourselves but bit to others as well. I just had a thought as well. How many times have you told somebody It'll be okay. Just be positive. How many times you've I've said this many times in my life it's just so humbling to admit that How many times you turn someone who's going through a hard thing and he say I'm I'm off topic again by the way I'm Robert Holling. And you say to them. It'll be OK just just be positive will figure this out. It'll be.

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