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To 3 double U. D T K six o'clock Talk with Darryl would One correction. I mentioned Liz Cheney called her the wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Sorry, I don't know why I said that. I know good well, Lynne Cheney's his wife, although Liz, his middle name is Lin Always get them mixed up. But that's his daughter, 809 2393856 o'clock talk with Darryl would is on the air and taking your calls on the news topics and stories you really care about. I am thankful to all of you who are in Cuba. This time stay there. We are going to get to you right now. I want to speak with a former Michigan Senator Patrick Cole. Becky's also A former gubernatorial candidate. He is a scientist, and he appears in the latest documentary project of My Clindell, the CEO and owner of my Pillow, who was out on a crusade to get the truth out. About what happened with all of the election regularities during the 2020 presidential election cycle, And to that degree, we now have Patrick Colbert Cole back with us today to talk about his role in this documentary and some of the discoveries that he has made a senator. Call back. Thank you so very much for joining us on the program today. Great to be with you, Darryl and just add to the list of former. I was also a former pole challenger out of the Detroit 80 Counting board, which is what the segment but for my participation in that. Documentary with my Clindell, so that that was the starting point. Absolutely. And in addition to all of that you ended up participating in this particular piece with my clindell, who is made it his kind of one man mission to get the word out about voter fraud. And to that degree he's focusing on election machines. Now that's a focus that you've taken with regard to your own observation of what happened right here in Wayne County, Michigan. With regard to the elections. Talk a little bit about why you're in the documentary and talk about what it is. You discovered. Well, if you if you had a chance to listen to documentary watching documentary and if you haven't I encourage you to do so You can go to Michael J. Lindell back calm and get access to it. What? What might get frame, Uh, in in that documentary if you started off by kind of highlighting what we call the little con that's kind of the traditional Chicago style politics that we used to go off and subvert the election process. Things like belts, stuffing backdating of envelopes, um, interfering with full challengers. That's kind of a I don't like being nickel and dime because even those items that were there, uh, demonstrated that President Trump won this last election. There's enough votes stolen. Yeah, those processes didn't secure. Victory for Joe Biden in this last election. But having took that Michael and I don't want to push that off to the side and focus on what he highlighted as the big con, and the big kind dealt with Uh, um, foreign manipulation off the data in our election directly the network connection and that's what he highlights at the last half hour. He actually showed the evidence of Intrusion attempts in the networks where the county machines you know that we're actually access by foreign entities and demonstrates what the vote but Woz and and I'll tell you. I've been in contact with the people that Procured that data. It is real. It is not fantasy on any of this stuff, and what it demonstrates is that this is not typical typical Republican versus Democrat contest that happened here. This was a Deliberate subversion of our election system. It was an attempted to involving foreign entities as assisted by domestic uh, you know, Citizens that are guilty expedition. So this is a big deal. That's why this whole documentary is such a big deal. I can test the veracity of everything that would present it. In that documentary. Now, for your part with regard to what happened in Wayne County, it dealt with connectivity of the voting machines explain. Yeah. So, you know, part of if you're if you're looking at remote actors, like in China being able to manipulate your system, you gotta demonstrate that the systems were connected to the Internet, right? And so my testimony. I think I'm one of the few around the whole country that actually submitted affidavits because of my background. I my Microsoft certified small business specialists, which means I'm comfortable that works actually did Cabling design on the international space station. I've configured my share of networks in the past and you couple that with the fact that I was the vice chair of the election, Senate Election and Government Reform Committee when I was in the Michigan Senate. I understand both the election process is and I understand, you know, Network configurations. I'm the I T g, right, So it's like heavy, unique combo. That's why I focused. In my testimony on the chain of custody around the vote tally itself, and that's what we're seeing. Manipulated in that documentary in the last half hour by these Floren entities, it's the vote tally. They're showing negative detriment. If you will, in the vote tally for Donald Trump. You're never supposed to have a negative vote in your voting system. That is very, uh, big smoking gun that says this election was stolen. Now, with regard to the voting machines that you observed the configuration of those machines here in our area. You were concerned with the fact that there was an open connection of these machines to what could best be considered. In layman's terms modem to the Internet. So I may be very careful with the dialogue. Annika. I've been very careful in my affidavit. It's Eric. So what I observed when I got to the Trinity County board, But I saw that the tabulator computer does the computers that are connected to the entire Steve scanners that they run their ballots through in batches of 50. I felt that those computers that were connected with the scanners were connected to each other via router, and that router was in turn connected to another set of workstations known as the Adjudicator's So When a balance that read properly, it spit out to the adjudicator, which is where you're supposed to have a human in the loop to evaluate. How do you adjudicate the vote on that ballot? And so he's does adjudicator workstation for network to one another, and that worked to the tabulator workstation. So there's this little local area network. In addition to them being networked one another, I observed physical connectivity to what was a control center in the center of the Trinity County Board. So that control center uh, through statements made by Detroit election officials, They testified that that control center was actually connected to the Internet. So if your work yourself it on, and I can't let you know that if one computer on the network is connected to the Internet, all the computers are connected to the Internet, and they denied me Theon Vertu Nitties to demonstrate to them that they were connected the Internet..

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