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Okay and the idea. Was it someone with low social skills. But somehow we are not iraq. Because they choose planning on practicality novel signified so you'd have to explain to someone on the spectrum why you can't i bill really really loose on. I don't care what people were either. Read people's dress but there's one thing the even gets be a bit raw wearing trainers to a wedding or a funeral right. Okay that okay. I get that not. Everybody has a perfect black suit. Well everybody can afford this the for some reason. Why don't you occasions. I've seen people wearing trainers to a wedding. I just got off a fuck site. You know just bacon fucking symbolic you know. I know the traders are more comfortable. It's very fattening. Formal shoes and less comfortable. Which saw signifies the fact that you've made an effort about your attendance at this wedding. Say so you'd have to explain to someone starting on the spectrum why you shouldn't wear an iraq to a job interview would you would. You probably should okay because it was that you kind of have made a mess up to go get a coach or a black cat or so. It's i just suck. I like to work. But i didn't wear. What the soccer. I liked my job because they didn't know me then. Okay and so. My clothing is going to be a disproportionately high of that of that informational set. So that's why you make an effort for a job interview. Would you might not you know i mean. Somebody establish their credentials in advertising. Could wear out of ax About by year free. You could probably get away okay. He wouldn't do we first week. It worked dogana as understanding. These kind of things is really interesting. So you've got to look at it from a slightly alien standpoint which is why sometimes experts or a recent immigrants a particularly good at it because they noticed the things that we did notice. Okay stand up..

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