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Let's say you know. And who do not stop or a turn away when things get a little bit tough or when it gets a little bit frustrating but they trust You know Or they did they the self-motivation we need. We need an inner drive. Inner kind of motivation. Propels them forward will not an animator or we're not like club made where a bunch of people you know getting you to work by acrobatics motivation motivational speaker. We we provide. We provide you with some very very systematic and important help. But you need to be a person who appreciates it and puts the same work in and we put in to assist you in your transformation this would celebrate is Louie ones so you can look at our our side websites or contact us personally and then we will hide out them. We'll probation as well so to save actually things together. Yeah sure sure well sounds very clear to me. Thank you okay well now. Let's go to that. Christians Druze questions about Ed Eliza and of course related to the book that you're preparing to memoir so unique book. We'll be do soon. I think and the verdict have here is what is the message of has an is into the contemporary world is still relevant and once again. I would like to save. He wants to know more about boats that book go back through your initial interview because then you would get the base for the questions that we all care. So what's the message to the contemporary world? And is it still relevant? Well I think autism is very relevant especially the way I presented because of course you know what I like about. Auburn is in general is it? It was never very closely defined. There was a type of cosmological model. Which however the the big boys of Organism in the early twentieth century about the Masala crenshaw however never really defined especially Musallam was the first bring to the table never defined it so closely that would have no maneuvering range so as to ensure already kind of like developed in slightly different ways so there are a lot of unflicting deals between those two groups at the same time right. Actually the one. I'm most interested from the other after and so on consumer groups but they always worked on the same cosmological model and this cosmological model was so. I'm writing that book and Autism. We talked about it last time. Because I was involved in its in one thousand nine hundred and actually provided one of the first important stepping stones to the formulation of the cosmic noses because it basically is in other words just that so I think it's so relevant because it actually could provide us a model of understanding the melodies and problems we face in the modern world. Why why is the world as disturbed as it is? What is the struggle of the individual? All these kind of questions are addressed by autism in very very exotic and A actually also straightforward way and actually uses a western terminology is so that the Westerners. I have a easy way to understand into religion. They have a time to you. Know I I really an important part. Yeah so So Adam still tells us about important it is to Have to wake up to A full reality which ensnares us and to kind of like reconnect with what primordial state of experience? Which is still out there for us to reach But it's basically Closed OFF TO US. Because adversarial the atoms will call a world soul which has served the previous world soul which was responsible for for the the world as we know it and for us as being in the world that this surplus has basically taken control of the world. Our our our metaphysical experience and that this metaphysical Serpa is basically no.

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