Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Joan Kusak discussed on See You Next Wednesday - Episode 283 - The Hitman's Bodyguard & The Monster Project


Yeah late in start to finish and it's not just amy schumer because this could have very well like i would like to have seen a little bit more from uh goldie hawn gordon hahn ways libreville searingly amoils oil people ever yeah what are you gonna do yeah um sunset she was doing nothing but wonder sakes and so joan kusak exit away their plotline finishes up is yes sexy later i guess yeah like oh yeah okay and i loved it so as you mentioned it on one on when you did your review but the fact that it is a movie about a mother and daughter and it is a movie about them getting through this ordeal and the way that the film surrounds them with men and like the government and how unhelpful everybody else's nn is like a really smart nice little wake i like little reversal and it's not like on the nose which ads you notice that you're like okay that like this is kind of a running gag but it's it's really well executed in fits right and it feels right that's the beautiful thing about this movie is that like it's just it's a movie about people surviving together and helping each other out and all those people happen to be women because you know it doesn't have to be a world where it's like oh yeah will winning could do it too it's a world where you know of course women can can survive and help each other and everything of course they can it's just taken as read yeah i n and there's something really refreshing about i think.

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