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Greedy say the key drill. Because they want to fight the fire fake you fake or sadness all around the world and. Here in Chicago from people who used to live in Paris, and who have visited Notre Dom Eric Marie lives in Chicago. He grew up in Paris. It is Paris. It's like if you asking what he's our. I mean Notre Dame de full tower, and I'll do twelve you take that away. You don't really recognize Peres? He says his mother's residence is still within walking distance of the cathedral Chicago's cardinal blaze soup, which is praying for the people of Paris after the fire the big fire yesterday a big hit to Catholics around the world. Especially pitch says Notre Dame has been a symbol of faith in porta to the people of France for century. He says the cathedral will reach for the heavens. Again, a trial of a man accused of murdering a seven-year-old girl in Chicago's north Austin neighborhood in twenty twelve is now underway WTN to Andrea darlas reports. Opening statements were delivered yesterday Giral Dorsey is charged in the murder of heaven Sutton who was shot in front of her home near a candy candystand in the seventeen hundred block. Of north Luna as she played with other children. Witnesses testified to men came out of gangway and one started shooting. Police say in all fifteen bullets were fired one hitting heaven in her back. She died about an hour later. Police say the gunman was firing at rival gang members. When she was hit. Andrea darlas WGN news exhibit dented body pulled from Joaquin harbor last week as a teenage boy who went missing in January after jumping into Lake Michigan to save a friend. Matthew Garcia's body was recovered from the water on Thursday, sixteen year old drowned after leaping into the lake off Waukegan municipal beach to help a friend who had fallen in the friend was rescued from the water big donation.

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