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Say like in Mount Kailash where it is believed. Believed that Lord Shiva and part of our dwell on top of the mountain. The Ziggurat I think is interpreted by many modern scholars to have been thought to be a home of the gods by the people who use them so like. Maybe the priests would go up there and do some kind of right, but it was also believed that the God would come down and like sleep. The night on the top of the Ziggurat may made even live there for some period. Absolutely and another quick thing I want to mention in looking at various mountainous I noticed that you know primordial beings for mountains out of the soil, or as we mentioned earlier, they their bodies, or the bodies of. Loved ones become the mountains and you know. It's it's easy to sort of take the formation of mountains for granted with even just sort of. You know a casual. Understanding, say tectonics and so forth daily basically. A surface level understanding of geology, but imagine trying to understand what mountain was. If you really had no idea about any of these things I mean unless you. Were witnessed to volcanic eruption are there there are. Mountain formation processes that are going to be readily observable, and so it makes as much sense of anything to turn to some of these these these these purely mythological and cosmic explanations for why they're there well, you can get even weirder with it. I mean one of my favorite examples is the coolest place I've ever been the Mount Stephen Trial by beds up in Britain Mount, Stephen, British Columbia which is part of the Burgess Shale formation that I went to a couple of years ago and so you try to imagine that not having a any kind of scientific understanding you go. Go up a mountain, and then up near the top, there's just like a cliff where pieces of of Rocker shearing off, and got the imprint of strange undersea monsters on them, and it's like you. You'd have no idea of figuring out how so this once was sedimentary rock at the bottom of an ocean, and it has been pushed up and made into a mountain over hundreds of millions of years. Yeah, even knowing the geologic geological processes in in in place here it's still amazing to behold, and well beyond the scope of a human lifetime, and and really sort of natural human perception absolutely. So Ran Through some more examples here, holy mounds it. Kinda give nice overview of some of these different different ideas. I was reading about the Hey Bonday the Navajo creation myth complete with the creation recreation of the sacred mountains across five worlds, so that involves the idea that four other worlds proceeded the one that we live in now, and this is an idea that POPs up various Mesoamerican in native American religions and For the Aztecs Kawata Apac served as the mythical sacred mountain the serpent. In their mythical homeland ascalon, and according to Nicoletta mastery on thought Co. the Great Temple of Tanakh knocked. Dhillon is thought to be a replica of this holy mountain, so another example of recreating the Holy Mountain, an artificial holy mountain created. In the likeness of mythological form. In norse mythology, human bureau is the mountain where the by Frost Connects Asgard and mid guard, and this is home of the God him doll, and then there's also perhaps the less famous nearby org, and this is the hiding place of the mead of poetry. Oh, yeah..

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