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On fire gaby rodriguez and her co host semi gaza interviewed nobel prize winning scientists michael man about decades of climate. Change this information. That's been fueled by special interest groups fossil fuel companies and politicians. It's an incredible interview and it's up now so go follow rate and review the show. Now listen there's a couple of podcasts out there called house on fire so don't accept any substitutes be sure you're listening to the first the original the true house on fire the one with the white background that's brought to you. By the cleo institute you can also find the right house on fire podcasts. On cleo's website at cleo institute dot work only accept the best. Go find house on fire. By the cleo institute wherever you listen to podcasts All right welcome. Sue another episode of piecing it together. The podcasts where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it and it is finally time to take on the movie that i've been looking for two more than any other movie. Maybe ever in my life honestly we are talking about god zillah versus kong. You guys know. I'm a big king kong fan. We just recently did a breaking it apart episode on the original one thousand nine hundred eighty three king kong which also happened to be the last movie. I got to see in a theater. Before the whole cove. Pandemic shut everything down saw on march fifteenth of two thousand twenty as a anniversary screening. Then everything shut down. I did not get to go to the movies for thirteen months. Which is just insane considering. I'm usually at the movies at least once or twice a week. My whole life so Yeah weird year to say the least but my return to the theater. My glorious triumphant. Return to the theater was for godzilla vs kong. There's no better way. It's almost like it was meant to be. And i went and saw godzilla vs kong in dolby. My favorite way to see a movie of course As soon as my vaccine had kicked in say two weeks. I was good. I coulda went soon as i got that vaccine but said wait two weeks after you. Get your second vaccine. And that's what. I did two weeks to the day i was in the theater with my wife with my parents with my wife's brother Couple of friends were with me and we had a blast. It was great this movie rules. I don't care what anybody says in verse con rules and we are going to talk about it joining me for this one. Is joe black who you have heard here on the show before. I did not expect to get him on here for such a big popcorn blockbuster type of movie but I'm happy to have him here. We always have fun. We have joe on the show. So that's coming up here in a second but before we get to do on remind you as always to make sure. Subscribe to piecing it together wherever you listen to podcasts. And over get the follow us on social media at piecing pod and join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces so with all that said. Let's get to the conversation. It's a long one. We have a lot to say. We've got a lot of zilla.

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