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Fifty six year old man who with authorities say was living in his van after being kicked out of his mother's house was arrested at an autozone. Store in plantation Florida and charged in connection with these suspected explosive devices sent to prominent Democrats and others. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum. Reports. On this afternoon's briefing at the Justice department Caesar sake facing five federal charges, including interstate transportation of an explosive illegal mailing of explosives and threats against former presidents FBI director, Christopher Wray said so far they've recovered thirteen. I e dis that were made of PVC pipe o'clock a battery wiring, and what is known as energetic material, which is essentially potential explosives and material he said, they were not hoaxes Ray said they were able to pick up a fingerprint from the device center Representative Maxine Waters, and it was a match for SAIC attorney general Jeff Sessions, political violence or the threat of violence is antithetical to our vigorous system of self government. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. Authorities say an attack in Chicago that wounded five people was likely in retaliation. Liaisson for one earlier this week in which an aspiring rapper and five other people were shot after a funeral are Nick gale with more. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says that there's a high probability that the Wednesday attack in the Washington park. Neighborhood is connected to Monday's funeral attack and Burnside disputes between the black disciples and gangster disciples have long underpinned violence in those neighborhoods Thanh social media and in rap songs helped fuel tensions police had warned that retaliation was likely after the attack in which twenty one year old rapper marvel Williams was shot in the head. There have been no arrests in either shooting Nick gale WLS AM eight ninety knew the owner of to lake in the hills restaurants was shot and killed on Chicago's northwest side are rob martier reports. Forty six year old Peter rim was shot to death as he sat in his car early Thursday morning. The shooting took place at roughly six forty five in the forty one hundred block of west diversity street. According to police an SUV drove by the gunman said. Something to rim who suffers from hearing loss then opened fire rim was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead. Just before eleven in the morning at Mount Sinai hospital rim owned bistro, Sabi and Elka chino. One customer posted on the restaurants Facebook page, my heart is broken Peter always made us feel like family. I am so grateful for the big bear hug. He gave me last night. I will cherish our last moments shared forever. Rob martier WLS AM. Eight ninety news. The family of a twenty six year old black man who was shot and killed in his own apartment by a white. Former Dallas police officer has filed a federal lawsuit suit argues that amber Geiger, used excessive force when she gunned down Twenty-six-year-old Botham John inside his own apartment on September sixth. According to court records, Geiger reported. She mistook his apartment for her own and thought she had encountered an intruder Geiger in the city of Dallas are named as defendants in the lawsuit. WLS traffic Edens.

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