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Um So look, that must be And I know right now, this is not interesting is not the right word. But this is Well, it's interesting the stories happening right now because there's a lot of discussion about cancel culture. And you know, I I don't always don't like I don't always like cancel culture. However, I do also think there are consequences. When when you say stuff they are. I mean, there are consequences, and sometimes you can't take stuff back. Um and I know the narrative right now. Is it on Lee happens to More liberal voices. But think about that. I always think about the Dixie Chicks. Look at them. I mean, look, Look what happened to them. Um, you know, I don't know. It's true, he says. He said, I'm embarrassing. Sorry. I used an unacceptable on inappropriate racial, sir, that I wish I could take back. There's no excuses to use this type of language ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word I promise to do better. Yeah. I don't think we used for that many times, haven't we? Yeah. I don't think you can use the drunk. Excuse In the use of that word. I don't think there's any time where that word is appropriate. I also think it's a combination of his behavior. That that alone could just say, Hey, that's not what are you doing? Just a cry for help, Or is this real hatred? That's inside of you. Also There shouldn't be our heroes. None of these people should write, you know, like I really wish we could just stick to the music. But it's really hard to do when that's the image that you have, like. Why what are you doing? Yeah. I love when you say that when we have when these stars tumble or they have these scandals Yeah, yeah. But it's the reality. A lot of kids. People look up to him. And it is a responsibility that you have to think about when you are out doing things in the public eye, like in the public eye, starting a party. This is your big chance. This is where you're you could Take your career? Yes. And if it's like screwing it for yourself. What are you doing? Just broke a huge streaming record. I mean, dude was flying high, and that is the scary thing. Now I will say, And I'm not. I'm not arguing for the Morgan wall in case But that is the frightening thing about Cancel culture. To me is the fact that in a millisecond You know, when I think about that, the I know we're running late. But this is I want to wrap this up and be our if it'll be fine. I Bethany Frankel on Annie Colon. We're talking about this in that podcast interview a reference yesterday. Bethany asked Andy if he worries about Does he worry about things that he says on his show? You know, Ad lib moment, S'more now in 2021 that he did originally is like absolutely he goes. I worry. I worry all the time because in a millisecond You. Your career could be over. If you say something dumb Now this now let me be very clear. This is beyond dumb. I do believe that there is no excuse to ever use that word. But I? It is frightening that like that it can all be taken away. So 6 44 everybody. We're gonna take a break. We'll be back after these words. Or Colleen and Bradley and we're pop culture detectives with a podcast called Go deep in the shallow After almost a decade of talking about celebrities on the radio, we noticed that what celebs want you to know, and what's actually happening are not.

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