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That means I dated across decades much more than most people and May. I say that the people in their twenties and thirties now it's it's much harder today it's easier to hook up than it was when. I was there I was in college out of college, but it is it is much harder to date i. think now especially, if you want a permanent relationship because they're so few rules of how view right now that's a really good point. Actually I really feel for people in the in the younger decades because it is it is there fewer rules and though one-handed screen on the other his confusing and and because are no rules. You don't know what rules the other person's using. So if you're talking to your your your your kids and trying to tell them how you dated, I, it is changed a great deal and. The advice may not be as good as you think it is. It's it's kind of the wild west out there is to help people are doing it beginning of how much things have changed, and he struggles through the book to come to grips with new terminology for the. Supernatural creatures in the book can you talk about that? Yes I did the new terminology for Anita I. decided that. I do politically correct speech to the book. and. Because cancer really just means technically just means being wearable it's just wolf face the Canterbury that's it. So somebody decided somewhere that you needed to be socially correct and have a term that is for old wearables and I did have a lot of fun coming up with different names and I thought. Is there a term that means shape change in general and by Golly they're is It is not fair in floppy T. H. E. R. I. A. N. T. H. R. O. P. Y. They're not there and off. Really. Just. Tongue. Oh my God I'm so tongue twister. It's much harder to say it's harder to spell and but but it does encompass all turning shape from human to animal does cover it all and you get to hear the words or cat which in and you have to use it correctly and people are these already gotten written up once by another Marshall because she didn't use the. Later. For the correct terms. It is it was it was fun to go back or in have needed who's very old school trying to remember all the new socially conscious vocabulary and know eat even some of the other marshals go back with it and by form for you know you can't say where you can't say Wolfman or lead that's for sexist right and so to be gender neutral, it's it's by form one of the alternatives. To they're saying. Polite term or half man half. Happy's. And it was it was. It was really fun and one of the things that led me to do it. Was the fact that that we are trying to read our vocabulary socially conscious it I kind of a little ahead of the curve I did not know how much vocabulary we would have to be changing watching in. So it was really fun to do it on paper and also. Need, just having to change the times or the other marshals because you don't WanNa see sexist and you don't WanNa be species. Any I guess theseus. Speech of yeah all right. It was it was very fun to have her go back and forth it is really fun to watch her. Change and adapt to the current times as a longtime reader. So that was super super enjoyable of it's kind of a silly question but I just wanted to know if you could have any of your character supernatural abilities such as vampirism shape shifting, reenacting, etc. What would you pick and why I wouldn't be a damn? I wouldn't be vampire because of Miss Daylight too much. and. I don't know I would miss sued. I speed able to me and and I hope to do more than on stage where neither can. Were Sean contaced through other people and we also haven't gotten to show that that Damien is also gained that ability through Through the annual end and Anita so I write about the fact that how much they miss you know food and drinking wine and things like that. So it had to be some shake shifter. I I. Don't know I I because I write so much available with annual in Mica and if I lived in a world where I wouldn't be ended down with guns because I changed the animal I would go with wear leopard if I had to adapt to animal that might possibly be not reported to the police ran around the neighborhood, it would be full years. Most people don't know the difference minute coyote wool. Most people down it's the closest I could come to into my environment quote unquote and we definitely have nothing that looks like a leopard around here. The you know we get an occasional cougar sightings and forty miles or so of me probably juvenile of Gwinnett looking zone territory but. So my head to blend, it would have to be wearable 'cause I would pretend there was a coyote but in the coyotes, right here we go. All Hell we're out of here. You smell that GONNA lead us. But if it was just I don't know. It would be weren't probably one of the Catholic anthropoids. There are not other the where rule. So there aren't a lot of dog basically cancerous. Will. Will. Because, we'll are are pretty much some kind of wool is the pinnacle of of Canine Creditor trail. and. You know every place you go in the world if they have hunted them to extinction, there is a lord predatory cap of some kind. So No. Eggs No. No well, that was clearly Scott's choice. Most of the La- can't mostly shifting to dogs is actually not a type of disease from the phone or that I can find it is not a Whit, some witches dogs, but that's rare lately two cats rabbits has gotten but dogs are usually inherited for the hanthropy are shape shifting and they are gardens like family guardians most of the dogs that I could go back to nas factor logs, totally different animal. condescended. They are more. Almost haunting and they also can be a family guardians over the centuries or they guard piece of road or whatever. Usually they're black with blazing eyes or something, and then of course, the wild hunt has the dogs the spectrum house that's more married Anita. So, you've been writing I needed for a long time. But before all of that,.

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