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Maim welcome to the show. It's great to be here. Thank you for having me. So you got a new presidential biography out about my hairy. Truman called the accidental president. Harry Truman in the four months that changed the world before we get into Truman and his wise, the accidental president was the impetus behind this book as a time period that you've been writing about and then sort of naturally fell into talking about a writing about Truman. Yeah, that's actually right. I let me just say actually studied by earthy and graduate school, which makes me kind of rare specimen, especially guy who studied writing. Biography actually writes biography his for this is an interesting book because it's sort of a portrait of a guy, but it's really just fourteen at four months of his life. It's the first four months of his accidental presidency, which is basically the war to presidency of Harry. Truman. My previous book is called the arsenal democracy, and there's this chapter in there where this unknown Senator nineteen three is investigating Detroit car companies. Wondering why these car companies are not producing military criminal fast as they said they would, and it struck me as a mazing that this guy who was so obscure nineteen forty-three. Very few people really understood who was should become the most powerful man in the history of the world just two years later. And that's what the books of what happens after that suddenly becomes most powerful man in the history of the world. What is he do next? All right. So we're gonna talk about. We're gonna get to help. Truman became president by accident in like his whole political career as we'll see, like is a complete accident pretty much. But before we get there, let's talk about, you know, his political education, like what allowed him to get to that point where he was kind of thrust into the world stage in this position of supreme power in do. Okay. As we'll say as we'll see here. So I like Truman. What was his child childhood and teenage years? Like was e drew up in a form? What was what was that like? Well, what are the things? Let me just begin like this people were amazed when he. Became president that this was a guy who had never gone to college, never have the money to own his own home. Following in Franklin, Roosevelt footsteps and people are stunned who is this obscure man, and one of the things that was so interesting about it was his upbringing. You know, he came from rural Missouri. He was raised on a farm. He was a failed businessman. He was pretty much a failure. Everything he'd ever tried was a haberdasher. You had a clothing store and that failed. And the only thing that really been successful at what was as a soldier. He was a captain were one, and he led troops into battle successfully. And the only thing only other tools he had were the teachings of his mother's mother instilled in him is rarely basic rural principles. You know, sort of the fabric of human being always tell the truth. Honesty is the best policy do the right thing. Those were the tools at no conjugation, but it did have these principles. Now, the other thing you had was as a kid, he'd been ill a little bit as a kid, and he was a veracious. Reader and he had read the entire independence libraries. He didn't have a great education the way you know Roosevelt, but he had this extrordinary knowledge of American history in American leadership yet speaking about his mom when he became president, I loved her vice to them says she said, be good, Harry, but be game. I just, I love that. I just it's so it it is what you need to do in order to be a president or politician. You gotta be good, but you oughta be kinda savvy to that was one of my favorite moments. Writing. This book is actually typing out that line because I remember when I found during my research. Like. And it's really this dramatic moment where again, he becomes president by accident. It's the night of April twelfth, nineteen, forty, five, we'll get to. We'll get to the point of how he gets there. But when he finds out he has no knowledge of the atomic bomb. It's never been the mayor of the city..

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