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Account at Vanguard. And a brokerage account at TD Ameritrade, Orry trade or one of those If it's a trading platform. So it is. They're they're all the same. They have little different. A little bit some differences in how they format things, but basically, you're going to get accomplished the exact same thing. At any one of those. In other words, if you want to put You know, $2000 in a particular stock or half you're going to be able to do it exactly. You know, it's not gonna be any difference. Nobody's charging fees is just gonna look a little different. I think from a service perspective, I think fidelity's brokers you can't maybe a little bit better. They have an 800 number there. You can You know what you said the account up that will help you. And you know, might be a little bit better. But you know they're all going to do the same thing. It is all it is, is a platform that is going to allow you to enter into the New York Stock Exchange. Or the NASDAQ Stock Exchange or whatever to buy a new individual stock or a half of some sort. Okay. Okay. One more quick question. Now, as I said, I'm certainly too Do I have to take thie? The, uh at the end of the year. I have to take the minimum required distribution. Yeah, Yeah. So you have to take that every year. Okay, You have to take that every year. Not working anymore, right? No, no, I'm not working. You have to take that. Now I recommend That you do all of your giving. If you if you give to your church if you give two ministries, whatever do all you're giving through. This. Hi IRA account. So all you're giving for that? Because that will count against your Minimum required distribution and you won't have to pay tax on the money. That's how you can use the money but avoid paying tax on. It s so all of your giving should be through that account. Okay, So you have a future security organization that I go through through. Do all that now you can take the money and then give it If you take the money and give it then you have to pay tax on it. It has to go directly from the account to them. So you can either get a cheque book from that account sometimes or you could call them and tell him you want to send X amount of dollars to your church. Okay? Okay? All right, Dan. Thank you really appreciate your help. All of you do and simplify, brother. Thank you. I appreciate that. I could help you. God bless you. Good stuff. Go to Linda in Montana. Good morning, Dan. I just wantto thank you so much for your work that you do there. I appreciate your new the part of the program and well as your financial God bless you. Thank you. I have a few questions. I have a lot of contributory a as well as a rollover Harry in Schwab, and I was just wondering, I wantto do something better with it. And wondered what you recommended They are. One is the rock contributory area is $9200 and the rollover is about 12,400. And are you retired, retired. I am required my husband self employed. We do not take anything We're living on our social security and another little The money income, but we're not taking anything out of our indefinitely. So, Yeah. I mean, I don't know what you're in like it. Do you have any investments in those accounts? I have no idea. Okay. I have no idea what they're in. They were just a retirement fund and then the other the rollover with money from when I was a nurse, and I gave shelter to shelter, the new evil all my life. I didn't get into a pension with the other place so I don't really know. And then the roll over the rock contributory had been in a reach for whatever.

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