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And she was straighten up because she hated the way. The draw may feel and mother knew that this so now we can use it the same way. The system is use it to you. Understand what I'm saying. Now become form into the system. What said you need this? I'm telling y'all is so twisted sick. We don't have enough sense to say. I need her to be the best. I need him to be his best and I'm not drawing them. Maybe it shows system. Maybe it's the way. Oh you don't know how to handle our boys because is happening a lot with our boys young and then they go on through this whole process and I mean mean. Shifting doses shifting. You're going you know Nancy. You have readily have adderall. You so you know you have many other ones that they're putting together to do certain things and so you are now setting these child up to abuse a substance and it only grows from there because he's young on this. He's going to have something stronger as you get older. And let's also not forget about the fact that this gets them in the mindset of being used to going to a pharmacy and taking a big name versus thinking about a holistic standpoint no community much if you dealing in the system if you're in the system you're going by that countered people in Women's single mothers who have all five of her children owning in her mind. They needed. They needed they needed. And I think maybe you needed it to to be able to and I mean it's so deep the rabbit hole goes really really deep and it's different layers different factors involved with it but the whole point is to get the children to behave in a certain way and in every child is is affected differently like you mentioned the weight gain. Weight Loss Zion. They can't sleep and they think about the war that go on in the brain. Think about the when they don't have it worsens when they do get it. There is a major shift waves of absolute just by having a glitch in your computer when computer stop flashing or the screen. Go black shutdown. That's what happens in the brain and shooting and it makes them just sitting at the desk shutout and then the key is who's fighting it you know. And whatever their their ways she hated. She don't like the Way Makerfield. She potting makes a party aggressive a little bit and then because he's fighting and he's fighting it enough the bodies resisting so they're going to increase the dosage To get affected they Hollywood's song hazy on that level. What I've just kind of researched and found is that a Lotta Times. The brain has already began to develop an express itself in the personality of the Child. And what these chemicals are attempting to do that is not on. The bottle is actually attempting to reprogram the brain. The brain is a complex organ that is comprised of chemical chemicals themselves but also the ability to balance certain chemicals and produce certain chemicals. Each chemical release has a function. And you're also during this. This is this is brain hacking. Oh yeah on a level that again. It's neurological than most of us. Don't even really resin. We don't really touch that side of the of existence because the brain is very complex yet. Beautiful but what they're doing is they're trying to simply redistribute the neurological transmissions and the connections of chemicals that affect nerves nand function in a human being. I mean I don't even know who told people that number one. This was a good idea to they. Were actually smart enough to do it. Right exactly yeah. Glad you mentioned that because from the Black Perspective. They have been experimenting us. Oh absolutely years many many years to controllers and you have to understand that this is not new distant method. Different remember gave out of men syphilis experiment and they knew they had a cure penson would adult but they never gave it to the people they let it expert for. Forty Years Psalm Psalm. Some of their bodies resisted never even had an effect some pressed it on today to their wives in new girls. And you know do sex. It transmitted that what I'm telling you. And they were they. When they got the cure they never gave it to any of those men. And I'm telling you right now. It's the same boys right now. We're dealing with this The vaccinations that's a whole nother. Podcast but it all ties into debt right there because we get vaccinated every three months from birth. Soon as you get here they stop pricking you put in. Our little bodies are not even able to to to deal with all of that chemical stuff and they put in three and one vow measles mumps rubella is one one back if you go to the CDC website. There's a schedule vaccinations when we were getting it. Was they have an over? Fifty I think is in the seventies now back so we will get many and when our parents and much at all. Cdc Dot Org. I believe it is well. Cdc DOT COM. Go look at this vaccination schedule to blow your mind of modern things that are doing to these kids. Trying to prevent this a prevent- prevent this same thing. I had his office as we have experienced is crazy they wanNA give my son fee members. You Know Garcia Him. Why population control? They don't want him to be making. Kids sterilize him. Which is the reason why we have to wipe parents have to be extra extra attentive in everything tells me as we do. We go winning recommend honestly speaking. I will consult you know multiple physicians and I would actually really. I would research every vaccination that you know these particular doctors the same materials you need to look into it and you know and it's just loving your own and you got to know that we live in a really really sick world and there's a lot of sick twisted people on this planet that are in positions to rule over the people that they don't believe have enough sense to rule on himself. And you can't be naive about that. That's true and I know a lot of years. We've been naive about that because a lot of us simply weren't raised to be evil and sinister and we didn't experience that in in in the house but there are people who really could care less about human life and more about green dollars and you know they really really put that money in a place where you know. We normally don't put it. They put it above everything and they're willing to do anything to get it including sterilized. Kill and hopefully you don't have kids. They will do everything they can to. Simply with the less we have to deal with the better live through the battle the planet will be and I knew it was twisted and sick but is true and now and go on to the planned parenthood. Oh God oh my day off the worst and look where they put them you know. Put HIM IN. And they put him in the low income. Poverty stricken areas but in higher income we fertility they want to preserve the rights emmy. He's been said they won't to preserve their race and make us over here and make real easy and easy access to stop and killing your kids and all this kind of stuff to kind of gather situations and things like that and then me. And then they've taken the fetuses and selling it. Oh my gosh they do. They do it in a way that it doesn't damage is so sick it's really twisted is really summer is really sad. And it's scary and we need to be educated as women and men to be able to when you see things to be aware because that's one of the reasons that's one of the ways you're going to be able to counteract when you are aware true if you're not aware of it in a haunt you you'll find yourself following the systems way and then when you see results are negative. You just go to the doctor. If that's the way you said the system has to perform and that's the way you do you get zip taking your medicine. You feel better right. That's the system from Earth. And they do it every way schools for the kids you as an adult. We had to go every year for a checkup and all that kind.

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