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Not sopping wet. Hi, friends. I know my wheelbarrow of dirt is essentially turned into mud what? What we're about to get one or two. So that is the joy at April showers, bring may flowers, and at least, it's not snow. How true we're going with it? All right. And at least we're not lower Lachlan Maasim Ojea newly facing quite a bit of federal charges. Right, right. They are outraged that they have been branded cheaters after their alleged involvement in the nationwide college admission scandal became public. This is what as source close to Laurie and Maasim, oh is telling people magazine. So this hurts doesn't it? Right. This is putting on speaker stress on her and her family. They are having to play this all up publicly and they're fair game for jokes and memes. But also outraged by people who are saying that they are cheaters they're being destroyed. I don't know. Here's what I have to say about that. If you're outraged by being called a cheater just waited till your call to convicted felon ex. I don't know how you don't think that that was cheating. If that's what you did. Well, unless they've got some sort of amazing defense than they didn't know or they didn't do it. Well, that is sort of. I think what they're leaning into this idea that like they were not clear that this was illegal. They thought this was all that all up, and that it was this Rick singer guy who led them down this trail of. But which I would say, I don't know. I don't think it takes a genius to point out. Your girls were not on the crew team. I know that's the hard thing. I'm yeah. It's like, that's really tough. It's I get where sometimes you can say, I really get it with like tax things and accountants with celebrities who have a lot of money because I think what happens is you just lose control of writing the check right? And you've just got other people handling it. And you just sign it off. And you go from there with this though. Like, Felicity Huffman, the liberally spent fifteen thousand dollars to alter her daughters SAT test results. Right. I mean, that's that's not like, oh, I handed control off to somebody else who dealt with it in a way that wasn't right. Like a paid to have the test results different. Yeah. Yeah. And also, there's a story on people magazine saying that Lori Laughlin heard from Rick singer that the this was the only way that her daughters would get into the university of southern California, man. I mean, I. I've heard that there are other ways to get into school. You think like, you know, trying hard, you know, having good grades and getting good recommendations doing good extracurricular activities, maybe doing really awesome essay how about doing well on your SAT's. I mean there. Yeah. And also, not hanging your hat on the idea that the only way you'll succeed in life is if you get into one particular college, oh, my gosh, aren't fresher. I get it. Like, I think if you can go I'm sure if I had a child that was like ready to go Ivy league. I would be very proud also very terrified about how I was gonna pay for it. That's neither here nor there. Right you. But that idea that you have to control these things in order for it to reflect well on your family and in order for your child to succeed is so sad to me. Message to be sending. Yes. One hundred percent. And that was the other story say that Lori is very concerned about what it will do to her daughters. If they have to testify and how this trial will impact her daughters and moving forward, and how this will taint them for the rest of their lives. And I'm thinking, Hulu, you have been sheltering them and like babying them through everything through their entire life. I don't know. I feel like this point like my four year old has more independence than that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He hasn't. It very much independence. Well, it should be earler hair. And do the whole thing. There you go. Okay. The top story NTSC right now is that this naked spa video of Robert Kraft. Is it going to be released? Nobody no to this. Nope. Nope. I yeah. He is. Of course, the owner of the New England Patriots. And he has been battling to keep this video under wraps for weeks. He claims that the footage was illegally shot. And he also says that if this video is released it will taint a potential jury and prevent him from getting a fair trial. Now, you'll remember that they're Robert Kraft is just one of many men who are accused of receiving illegal sexual services insides, the orchids of Asia day spa. Which by the way, doesn't look like a super nice spa. When you see the photos coming on thinking spas and loose terms here right now. Real lose heard estates is often use. Yes. Inappropriately right estates. Yeah. Not always in a state. Prosecutors say in Florida state law requires this closure of this type of evidence when the media requests that even though it includes explicit sexual images. So it's video that was shot. By a surveillance camera inside, a massage room that apparently shows craft receiving sexual services in exchange for money on two separate occasions, and this was all part of this covert sting operation investigating possible human trafficking, which is no joke at the day spa. Right again. I I just was googling this like the the video. I don't wanna see the video just like the nobody. We don't need were fine. Yeah. Trust you. Just like let it be seen in court jury can see it because I that's evidence guys. I mean, they're going to have to see it. But I don't think just let's keep it in a closet. Fine. Yeah. No eight has different rules. Yeah. I remember, you know, when I was a reporter, and in Wisconsin, you can have cameras in the courtroom Minnesota couldn't this was like years ago. And so when I worked in Duluth, we would always cover court stories in Wisconsin and not as much in Minnesota because if you work in television, right it's hard to. Right. Yeah. It'd be like oh this happened in superiors. Now, we're going to you now will go, right? A lot of time in court, right? Move beyond say revealing the super strict diet, she went on to get into shape after having her twins in order to perform at Coachella. So this is all part of this documentary that we're going to be able to see it's called homecoming. And it is showing her preparing for her hotel, a twenty eighteen performance ten months after giving birth to twins rea- emergency c section and one of the biggest things was her diet. She said in the documentary in order for me to meet my goals. I'm limiting myself to no bread. No carbs, no sugar. No dairy. No meat. No fish, no alcohol, and she said, I'm hungry. But what did she eat? The. Vegetable vegetable if you're training for that performance. Imagine how gase she was. Oh, she said I was two hundred and eighteen pounds the day. I gave birth. I had to rebuild my body from cut muscles. What people don't see is the sacrifice. And and then she also said it wasn't like before where she could rehearse fifteen hours straight. And I can I just say like the this was a pressure that she put on herself. She did. And I know that that sounds awful to say, but it's true. Nobody nobody at like people would have understood everybody would have just been excited to see beyond say like I do think for her to perform the way she wants to perform she wants to be in a certain fit level. But I also think point ten months after you have kids you gotta give yourself some grace and do a different kind of performance more push the performance off. I mean, I all I'm saying is I don't this is not why don't you realize what it used? Well, she realizes that too. She's definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could. And I've learned a very. Valuable lesson. I will never never push myself that far again. Well, that's good better. I mean sort of these later thinks we need somebody to play our thirty second pop culture challenge..

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