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Citing life like right now we're in costa rica we've traveled but that's just kind of almost like what we're used to and then so we don't get out of our comfort zone we're kind of homebodies we're fine with staying home watching netflix we have a two year old too so it makes it harder but but i think that's something sarah what do you think twenty eighteen we make an effort yeah the first thing we knew said skydiving i was like okay i don't wanna do that but i want to do cage swimming with sharks oh yeah let's do it crazy so the planning those activities during those activities talking about it afterwards again you're gonna feel like you're madly newly in love with each other and what you said is what most couples do they stuck in a rut because they like habit and so couples go to the team restaurant order the same jenner they sit there and there's not a lot of novelty going on so it's really important to do those novel exciting activities that again you haven't done before all right well that's news to me cage diving sarah wants to do it so i'm already excited or feeling you know that the juices gone yeah like exciting so you're exactly what successful couples do they manage to keep doing that now are there any couples that struggle with no in your article you wrote that there will be times where couples will struggle because they have different attachments styles and that can affect their intimacy in the relationship so do you think you can maybe talk a little bit about that because i think that can maybe help couples who have an issue with intimacy just because they are different when it comes to how they see intimacy in the relationship.

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