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To have one of the great comeback, a strict I have always wondered maybe instead of you know Stanley Johnson had said that he was gonNA lock up Lebron Aron. Baynes said that you would lock up lockup abroad maybe things would be different but. You don't know I'm getting into the right mind of thinking A. I got another. Question Okay. So I got to know what? because. You've had the account for a little bit. Now, what is like obviously you? You got people falling for all the time and You being just rule player some something like that. Oh. You're comebacks are the best van while yeah. That's great. But what is the biggest troll job? Like? WHO's the biggest like reporter a person you ever had believed? Andre Drummond he quote tweeted one of mine that was like. The face of the earth is. Relying on you to grab the rebound like who are you picking I, forget who I picked but I didn't I Andre Drummond was included my list of four players and I remember he quote tweeted that. He. Say I'd have to look at it was something like how could Not including that. Out I'm out I'm sure remains was in that hypothetical, right? I. Want. Absolutely. Not Jewish probably. Boxing. Hope. Team once That's fantastic I. I'm trying it will I. said the crazy got Andre Journalism I actually I just looked it up. So the that first round series against Cleveland, there was a Five point loss. A in A. Two point loss. You never know I mean I I, I think that Pistons. gave him that those reps that? The cavs needed to. Get over the hump their. Yeah. Most definitely. Yeah I think. So the next thing that I would ask to have you ever had any contact with Aron Baynes because I feel like I mean you're gone to a point where it's it's definitely big enough that there's no way he hasn't noticed it. You follows it. That you thought you falls new town. Okay. Art That's awesome. Ambiguous. These that's like who? Think..

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