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Odyssey app and click the word follow for easy access. Or if you're at home and have a smart speaker, just ask it to play W BBM news radio. It's 8 O 8 traffic and weather together on the 8 years Brian peck. On the Eisenhower looking pretty good 31 minutes Jane Adams to the Jane burnet interchange 13 minutes manheim in 13 back out to mannheim and 31 to the I 90. On the Stevenson inbound, you're looking pretty good there 25 minutes I three 55 to do so lakeshore drive. Look at a 27 minute going back out. I 55 will county. Northbound, southbound, no major issues there, the Dan Ryan's 12 minutes from the merge to the Jane Byrne interchange, your 12 minutes out to the split, I 57, 15 minutes from my 80 to the Dan Ryan, and 15 going back out, the bishop Ford looks great to stop a lakeshore drive, little slow southbound at 57s with road work, otherwise looks great. A little slow ups here and there like Chicago avenue, traffic light, but other than that, it looks pretty good. Tri state tollway, northbound, you've got the lane split from sir Mac toll Plaza to pass, I two 90 other than that, northbound and southbound are traveling well. The Jane Adams all the tollways are looking pretty good this morning. I 80 in Joliet, your great eastbound westbound no major tie ups there. Northwest Indiana moving well this Sunday morning, the Eden's good in both directions, the Kennedy 15 minutes O'Hare into downtown, 15 back out, and the Eisenhower looking good as well. Everything else traveling well. Next traffic coming up at 8 18 from the metro traffic center news radio one O 5 9 WPP. The AccuWeather forecast this Sunday morning will see a mix of clouds and sunshine, high 47°, those clouds will start to build into tonight

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