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Way back machine this fourth of July WABC probably teams were totally towers foundation honoring our frontline hero Sir presents and red white and blue salute great American music our store started fourth kicks off July fourth starting at six PM three solid hours of music we he's from the Megan Hicks songs and stories from Tommy J. and many more special guests make seventy seven WABC soundtrack to your fourth of July celebration honoring our frontline heroes towers foundation presenting Americans for it all begins July fourth starting at six PM Reginald music sounds best T. mobile and sprint are joining forces to power your business we're building a five G. network that will deliver unprecedented reach and reliability and the highest capacity in history with more coverage and more bandwidth to keep your employees connected you'll get the largest and most reliable network beatable price T. mobile for business visit T. mobile for business dot com to learn more the faith and we believe in helping our communities by answering the tough questions please email the Rev and the rabbi W. A. B. C. radio dot com as the revenue rabbi WABC radio dot com and if you missed any of the show on the podcast at WABC radio dot com and the all new W. ABC radio app tough questions go to the rest of the easy ones listen to the Rev and the rabbi right here on seventy seven WABC W. A. B. C. news on seven of six it's time for Jeff prom with traffic.

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