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We've created this image for yourself of being the hero and now it's really been important to live up to it. The making of a domestic terrorist on the next reveal Tonight at eight on 93.9 FM w N. Y C. This'd w N. Y c 93.9 FM and HT New York. This is all of it. W N Y C. I'm Alison Stewart. We're celebrating the life and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr coming up how to raise an anti racist child. Listen to Matt Katz. His conversation with Dr 90 Massie Watson, the vice chancellor of diversity, inclusion and civic engagement at Rutgers University, Camden, They talk about kids race and living an anti racist life. And later we'll get a round up of the best music inspired by protests for racial justice For today's reviews, previews, veteran music journalists and NPR music critic and correspondent and powers joins US. We will get to all of it. I'm Alison Stewart and I will meet you on the other side of the news. Live from NPR News. I'm nor Rahm, the nation's capital, remains on high alert for potential threats of violence ahead of Wednesday's inauguration. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. Security is at unprecedented levels following the deadly insurrection at the U. S Capitol by pro Trump writers Nearly two weeks ago, federal authorities continue to tighten security in and around the nation's capital, expanding road closures and restricting traffic in the downtown area. The FBI continues to that members of the National Guard amid fears of potential violence ahead of the inauguration. Up to 25,000 troops are expected to be stationed throughout the city, including the areas around the U. S Capitol building by Wednesday, Windsor Johnston reporting. President Trump signed an order Monday toe lift the restrictions on travelers from Brazil, Ireland and the United Kingdom imposed in response to the pandemic. But a spokeswoman for President elect Biden says the restrictions will be promptly reimposed when he takes office. President Trump is issued an executive order to move ahead with plans to establish a national garden of American heroes. As NPR's barbers front reports, the venture will almost certainly not take root. President Trump's Order builds on another executive order he signed in July, laying out a vision for a garden to depict quote historically significant Americans. With the target date for public access of 2026. It does not list a location for the park. His vision includes memorialize Ng 244 Americans as statues in the garden. The list is wide ranging. It features politicians, musicians, artists, astronauts, movie stars, philosophers, athletes and other historical figures. It includes Walt Disney, Whitney Houston, Frederick Douglass, Ronald Reagan and Christopher Columbus. But with less than two days left in Trump's terms, it's highly unlikely the garden will be realized by him or by President elect Biden. Barbara Spread NPR news Well, environmental activists welcome The news. Biden may cancel construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Canadian government is concerned Dan Carbon Chuck reports in a statement. The government says Keystone XL will bring benefits to both Canada and the U. S. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has long supported the project that would carry more than 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. In his congratulatory phone call to Biden, Trudeau raised concerns about the possible cancelation of the pipeline. Canadian Ambassador Kristen Hileman says the project will adhere to one of the strongest environmental and climate policy frameworks in the world and strengthen the Canada U. S energy relationship. Opposition leader Aaron O'Toole says killing the pipeline would place Canada's oil sector and tens of thousands of Canadian job's in jeopardy for NPR news. I'm Dan Carp in shock in Toronto. You're listening to NPR news. The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hold a confirmation hearing Tuesday for Janet Yellen, President elect Biden's choice to head the Treasury Department in prepared testimony, yelling urges Congress to do more to fight the pandemic induced recession. That with interest rates at historic lows, Congress should spend more to jump start the economy and increase vaccinations. The University of Tennessee has fired his football coach Jeremy Pruitt and nine other members of the volunteer staff after an internal investigation found serious violations of NC double a rules. Emily Siner reports from member station WPL in Chancellor Dondi Plamen says her office received a tip in November that alleged recruiting violations. The NC double A is now investigating as well. Details have not yet been released Plum and says she regrets the disruption that the mass firing will cause for student athletes who weren't involved with the problems. This is not what any of us want for our football program or for our university. It is so disturbing, as demonstrated by the scope of his employment actions we're announcing today is the number of violations and the number of people involved you tease. Athletic director is also leaving so the chancellor says he had no part in the violations. For NPR NEWS. I'm Emily Siner in college basketball. The 12 Big 12 Conference says Texas Christian University is postponing its next two games because of covert 19 protocols. He say You had been scheduled to host Texas Tech on Wednesday and Texas on Saturday. The big 12 says, will work to reschedule the games..

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