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Sports George off man, this has been another rough season for Illinois not their football team. But the one that bounces a ball the line. I came in today's match up with thirteenth rang, Maryland at Madison Square Garden one in seven in big ten play make that two and seven is. I had a similar scored twenty in a seventy eight sixty seven upset the alumni force Maryland into Twenty-one turnover. They have one primary buyers, which was Cowie. So he wants to get in after just wanted to put in a lot of different looks at them. But we just stayed through to the system we stayed show to a coach has been telling us, and we we play with the team. He'll always first win over a top twenty five team in nearly three years northwestern on the other hand got slapped Wisconsin, sixty to forty six of the cats. Called the three and six and now you lost by two to Akron, while Notre Dame fell by twenty seven to third ranked Virginia Tennessee and Duke also one Patrick Kane is playing in his eighth all-star game in San Jose tonight. You know, the way I look at it as you know, you'd rather be doing this stuff and not and. Now, maybe one of them a little bit older not playing anymore. You look back on some of these events here. You played in or were a part of. And you know, it makes it a little bit more special. So enjoy can't no other player of any of the rosters have played more all star games than Kane. A just reward for Bobby mass. You've got a four year extension from the bears who have six of their seven pro bowlers in Orlando for tomorrow's game. Manny Machado is looking for another team to make a bid and that team could be the San Diego Padres reportedly wanna meet with the free agent was very high on the socks list, though. GM recon said he's not gonna sign both Machado and Bryce Harper. So pooh-poohed of that Justin Rose three shot lead after three rounds of the farmers while Tiger Woods struggles. He's thirteen back on your home of the bears, George off NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM. Traffic and weather next. WBZ news time seven seventeen. You know, the books, right? I mean that's short for bouquets. And if you're a thoughtful flower center,.

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