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All right time for our true false, Tuesday's spots are by align chiropractic, and Dr Craig Stoler who is unfortunately, not able to join us here today. But will be back next week. True or false as we start off here. We will read h who false statements and then sack Shaw. Matt Mesler and myself will always I hadn't introduced to yet today. You know, what's interesting is yesterday when I stepped out to get the Bellas the very first thing you did was introduced at us. I know pretty common. It is pretty common, Jamie. Does it Sam desert Naidoo it, you know, the real the real mount Rushmore of the station. Right. Exactly. Exactly. All right ready for true false Tuesday's. We'll start with basketball. Perdue will win the big ten regular season title. The Boilermakers just one game behind Michigan. And Michigan state. They've got two losses in the big ten when you look at purdue's schedule down the stretch here. They don't play Michigan or Michigan state again. They have one match up with Maryland, they play at Nebraska, they play essentially that next tier of all the best teams. They don't play Wisconsin. The rest of the way either. And one thing to keep in mind is they have had the toughest big ten schedule to date to match matchups against Michigan state. One against Michigan. Believe they must have faced Wisconsin. If they don't face, Wisconsin. Again, they did they play them on the road beat them. January eleven eighty four eighty over time. Yup. Yeah. So. It's possible. And that's an interesting question because you know, it's like when you kind of think about it. It's like could they could I personally? I just I don't think that they're that. Good. I don't think that they're good enough to go seventeen and three sixteen and four and say. It's you know, if they do it, they do it. But. I'll get some of those road games, especially. You know, when they were six and five or eight and five or whatever. I think some teams might have taken them a little lightly or maybe hadn't fully scouted them or been like, oh, Matt harms is basically is a cost but skinny earn less good. You know? So so I think that they're I think they're going to be more heavily scouted. I also think that they don't they don't quite have the same. As Michigan and Michigan state because misgivings could say, you know. Yeah, they each have a loss. One to Purdue. But I it just you've seen that star power before Purdue now part of this is 'cause they're so inexperienced. But it the they had a lot of opportunities to go up against good good to you know, tournament caliber teams and missed and so far, you know, they beat Maryland at home. They beat Wisconsin on the road, which is better than Michigan did and they beat Michigan state. But have they have they really impressed in in these games or if they just kept winning. They were impressive against Michigan state from I mentioned, the three games they were impressed. But I mean, what else do I mean? What else do you want? How many times does either team any team look super impressive number in seven eight nine games. Michigan. Michigan state Heff is what that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying is like. I think I think Purdue is a team that's going to beat a lot of teams this year. You know, probably win twenty two games in the regular season. I don't know if that's still even mathematically possible for them. But that's the kind of team. I see them being. Whereas Michigan and Michigan state strike me as top five teams teams that win twenty five plus games again, if they don't do it. You know, it doesn't necessarily mean this. This was incorrect. It just means that they have the star power to really dominate teams. So you're gonna say false. Yeah. Ms true or false pretty will win the big time regular season title. I want to take the false on this one. I think. They'll end of finishing in the top four. But I don't think they can get over that hump. I mean, they Michigan and Michigan state of got a they've got to lose at least a couple hopscotch them. We'll mathematically there will be two losses between the teams. Yeah. Because they play each other twice. I'm with you though. Yeah. Essentially would add actually for for Michigan would have to come down. They'd have to lose, you know, one more actions missions got the tiebreaker against Purdue in the big ten regular season. There's no tiebreaker. If you if you're the same record, you just wait you just are share co champion of the big ten regular season title. That's ludicrous like co big ten champions in football. Right. Right. So my ludicrous. But I think. I do think it's going to come down there the Michigan and Michigan state. I think Purdue probably have we'll probably be that number three team out of the big ten. I mean, they do they do have a favorable schedule. I will say that Purdue does. Yeah. Gadgil there. Whether toughest game at Maryland in Maryland, hasn't really been a Wyoming team as of late. But you know, it's it's a different beasts going to college park. Yeah. They they're only two games where they're not favored to win with better than sixty percents at Indiana net. Maryland, maybe at Nebraska and Iowa. Okay. Yeah. And see I think I don't think it's feasible Indiana's in front upset for that. Does the in state rivalry things? Like that special. The fact that they got embarrassed by Purdue lost by fifteen a couple a week ago. So they could be that motivation. I think the hard part for Purdue is is I watched the last couple of their games and watch them that earlier games is you know, cars had words. I mean jacked up a lot of shots the other day. I mean that guy is like a that could build a brick house all by himself, and he's a really good player. But he just shoots on what did he go? The other day. He was four of nineteen of the day. I don't know if they have enough in one he missed fifteen shots, and they won correct. Because Klein was was really good. I don't think they have. Enough guys that I don't I don't think they can survive that many times with Carson words does that Matt Ryan Kline played really, Well, Matt harms, I think had a pretty good game gel eastern played pretty well. But honestly, like they're they're much more tied to the success of one player than say nothing. Michigan state with cash. Winston degree. Is. But Nick ward of Joshua for comes back. Matt mcquade they've got other options. Michigan clearly has a lot of options. I don't think Purdue has enough depth across its entire team here to be able to win this thing. I think those are gonna gonna drop a couple of games the times where they have three games in seven days will ultimately be their undoing which they do have February twelfth nineteenth got three and seven days. I think they have another one Saturday March second through March nineth they have three and seven days. In some of those teams twice where people have no a little bit more. So I'm gonna say take the false. All right true. Or false, Ohio State is a bigger threat this week then to Michigan. I'm actually going to say true. I Michigan is awful in Iowa City under line. I think they have one regulation win in like last ten tries. It might not even be that it might even be worse than that. But it's their offline Iowa City Iowa plays this weird brand of basketball that everyone seems to figure it out. It's kind of like, Illinois, although Illinois upset couple teams lately. But it's they just they just shoot they just run offense offense offense offense, and they don't do anything on defense. And I think if you're John Lennon de'andre Haines who kind of puts together the offensive game plan with with coach be line. You're probably looking you're a little bit. Like, oh, you know with our if our defense can make. You know, maybe five more stops than a typical team does in run the offense. That exactly how we want to run the offense. Missing come with a big win. So, you know, it's. I'm always going to be aware. The big ten road games are very tough. But I think we saw last week a Friday night supercharged atmosphere. In michigan. Now, I think Indiana, clearly, whatever their opening five minute game plan was was incorrect swinging the miss there. But I think I think seeing Michigan do that at India. Makes me confident that Michigan will be able to do that. Iowa Ohio State. I think is a tough match-up for Michigan. I think it's a especially on defense. I'm sorry. When Michigan's on offense. It's just you know, I broke it all down in a story earlier today. So it's a it's a tricky one. I think they could win both. But I'd say how states tougher than Iowa. Miss. I'm gonna take the I'll take the true on this one and Zach brought up the point. That is a it's a tough go at Iowa City. You know, it's a tough. It's a tough atmosphere in Iowa. I mean, it's it's almost could be almost reminiscent as mission going into Brask last season. You know, it's a tough go. But at the same time Ojo states coming in what they they've lost. What five last six or something like that? For the last five something like that higher state has lost five of the last six. Yeah. So they're they need a marquee win. And this could be one of those one of those games that they could cause that maybe Michigan could caught sleeping. I'm not saying that they will. But this could be one of those games were Ohio State could come in the Chrysler, and it could go they could cause the upset. Michigan did struggled their last home game against against Minnesota. Who came off of a tough a tough close win at Penn State the bottom of the barrel in the big ten. Ohio State could be one of those tough goes for Michigan as well tonight. And I think they could be the one that could cause some issues more than the game at Iowa's at at Iowa. What would would was mentioned earlier about the defense mean, I think that's really a thing when they play this running gun style at Iowa, they rank one hundred twenty six than adjusted defensive efficiency. When they're gonna play a Michigan team that is the best in the country at defense. And so I think that's the tipping point where Ohio State does have can give Michigan a little bit of a of a harder. Look tonight, nine o'clock start. Michigan coming off of a big win certainly that can play with their psyche a little bit. Yeah. I I think this is true. That Ohio State is a bigger threat than Iowa to Michigan true or false. Michigan. Can't go to an all this week unless Jordan pool breaks out of his shooting slump in his last two games. Jordan pool has made just let's see here. He's one of five and two of seven. So he is three of twelve in his last two games. Michigan cannot go to an ordinance next two games as Jordan pool breaks out of his shooting slump. False. I think this something we did not discuss beeline discussing this yesterday. But he was asked about really like the fifth press conference in a row. He's been asked about Jordan pools or somebody else's slump in that seems to be like a. The go-to. Well, in in in the reason, why is because people ask us on the message boards..

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