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Time. 205, former Democratic state senator and Washington Supreme Court Justice filled Talmadge tells Comeau news. He expects a vigorous, divisive fight to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the president, United States and somebody who wants to use the Supreme Court is a campaign device. I think that may come back to haunt him in the sense that it may energized those people who are fearful about a Supreme Court full of trumpets. Many Republicans say it's important to have nine justices on the court as soon as possible because there are several important cases to be heard in the coming months. The Trump administration is named Seattle and anarchist jurisdiction. New York City in Portland are also named in a Justice Department list of cities that have disempowered or defunded police. Miss during months of protests and demonstrations following the death of George Floyd more from comas. Currently, Johnson well, this short list comes as a result of President Trump earlier this month, calling on his administration to review federal funding for cities that have in his words permitted violence and destruction and refused to take action to stop criminal activity wholeheartedly reject this Seattle City Council member Theresa Mosqueda during a council briefing this morning. Said city leaders will stand united against the administration's attempts to take funding aways is really a conversation about what we need to do as a country to promote public safety and to evaluate policing as we know it. Another criteria for ending up on the list, DOJ said, was unreasonably refusing to accept offers of law enforcement assistance. From the federal government. Carling Johnson. COMA News State of American communities here and across the country are seeing an alarming number of cases of missing and murdered. Women. Most Kelly Blier reports new congressional legislation just past is offering some hope to Victimsfamilies. Republican representative Dan Newhouse of central Washington grew up near the Yakama Nation Reservation, but didn't realize the crisis they face involving missing and murdered indigenous women for too long, indigenous women. Native communities have faced this crisis all alone and suffered in silence. Newhouse spearheaded bipartisan legislation called Savannah's Act and not Invisible Act that creates new guidelines to better respond to these cases and solve them. He joined Democratic representatives from California and New Mexico to get these bills passed. They're headed to President Trump's desk for his signature. Kelly Blier KOMO News to Political candidates have the right to keep their personal information private. The question has quietly become a campaign issue and one local county almost Corwin hate with story. Thurston County Commissioner Gary Edwards requested the Social Security number for Carolina Mahia, a county employee who's running for a seat on the commission. In response, another commissioner time answer, demanded the commission examine its rules to see if they have a policy against requests for sensitive information. If we do, I would like that policy to be reviewed with the board so that we're all crystal clear about it, and if we don't I'd like to make a motion that we develop inappropriate policy. Edwards. Critics claim he's trying to have my he had declared ineligible for a commission seat by proving she is not a U. S. Citizen, Mahia tells the Olympian she is a naturalized citizen. She says she's disappointed Edwards would seek your Social Security number. Corwin Hey HQ Co. Moh news Local wildfire relief crews have returned home members of the Washington Task Force One returned after being deployed to Oregon over a week ago. Those task force members help with the search and rescue effort in the devastating wildfires there. 70 person team made up of Pierce and King County deputies, along with Seattle firefighters, authorities in Oregon or accusing at least six men of intentionally setting fires in the States Devastating wildfire season, according to reporting by the Oregonian. There's no evidence the suspects were motivated by politics is conspiracy theories claimed the newspaper reports. One suspect was found setting fires in late July because a member of a local forest protection group wouldn't give him a ride. Another was arrested in late August after threatening to burn down a small town of his girlfriend. Broke up with him. Ah, homeless man is accused of setting a string of brushfires along an interstate in the Portland area. Earlier this month, Michael Kastner reporting from Portland, It's believed a power line touching a tree started a wildfire that wiped out the small town of Maldon in eastern Washington. The fire burn mast majority of homes in the town and in Pine City on September 7th. A spokesman for a Vista utility says that burnt tree was apparently to this starting point. State officials are being asked to provide food and shelter for Latino farm workers who've lost everything toe wildfires in eastern Washington. Times reports. It's unclear how many families have been affected as the state hasn't assess the extent of destruction to farm labor cabins or pickers and other farm workers live. Come on news time to 10 time for a check of sports Do 10 and 40 past each hour in the 12 couldn't be there in person, but it was another classic Seahawks Patriots football game will get more from comes Bill Schwartz. Russell Wilson put out a Sunday night show for the ages, throwing five touchdown passes to help the Seahawks build a double digit lead on the Patriots by Cam Newton lead a final drive that was stuffed out at the one yard line.

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