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Help stave off the flu here. The Western wildfires have claimed another life that of a firefighter whose body was found in the San Bernardino National Forest. The death toll is now at 35 Rain in Oregon may help the situation there, but could cause some additional problems like flash flooding and mudslides. Geologist Bill Burns, people live in these areas. Oh, are are passing through these areas during these periods of rainfall that we're gonna have in the next 24 hours or so they should be really cautious. Major wildfires are still burning there, and thousands are still evacuated along the Gulf Coast. More than 300,000. People are still without power after Hurricane Sally as the cleanup continues there. This is CBS News. Save up to 45% during Dale semi annual sale on business laptops and desktops with Intel Core processors, Call 877 by Dale or visit del dot com slash business deals. It's 603 of the Bay Area's news station, KCBS coastal Overcast maybe a little drizzle and then slightly cooler weather in the Bay Area today. Good morning. I'm Stan Bunger. And here's what's happening. Despite sterling air quality this morning, we may see some smoke drift back in as the weather shifts its pattern just a bit starting tomorrow into Sunday. Nothing close to what we suffered through a few days ago, but still a reminder that fires remain active across California and up into the Pacific Northwest..

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