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The twenty two yard line incomplete pass to start off the football game defensive line for the green bay blizzard cory grissom six three three hundred twenty pounder long with jimmy jean not jimmy dean jimmy dean six to three hundred ten pounder and also josh jenkins a six foot i'm sorry eight brandon rijo six to two hundred sixty pounder upfront we'll get the rest of the defense or green bay as we go on here just underway marsh domer second down and ten of their own fourteen yard line left to right they operate hot shotgun formation the right hander takes a quarterback keeper the ten left side of the fifteen lowers his shoulder and gets up to about the nineteen yard line before he is road down by defensive lineman brandon radio show on the defensive line secondary manny asprilla along with bj hill and daria sims and at linebacker is akeem francis pick up on the play will lead the march a third and about six ago we'll call it third and along five at their own nineteen yard line just underway thirteen twenty six to go first quarter joe stacey larry kotler on the call here come the bar summers left to right they operate through receivers of the near side of the field to receivers going forward motion duarte and balentine quarterback keeper all the way robots the fifteen to the twenty midfield twentyfive twenty fifteen and come from behind the twelve yard line brought down by manny asprilla shattenkirk walkie chevy lamar's domer i down giving up for randall jackson ken van who'll and brandon haskins upfront to create that whole well beautiful job of opening things up that time i mean the it was like the red sea parted and wrought stunt known as a great runner but then again there was plenty of room for him the scoop and picks up the first time and i don a plenty more.

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