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Of real protection the international norm is that nation states will not attack critical infrastructure now former homeland security secretary jay johnson leads incumbent upon the victim state to then do something about it if they're critical infrastructure is attacked but the designation makes clear that we consider election infrastructure to be critical infrastructure like government like our defense industry like our financial services indoor well i don't disagree this critical infrastructure i do i'm not sure i agree that calling it critical infrastructure provides much of a level of security right now my last question for this panel secretary nelson you mentioned the election assistance commission a couple of times you have concerns that we're moving into an area here where that commission and your agency will not quite know where the how do we define this in a way that creates the lines of responsibility so that somebody knows who is responsible and what they're responsible for yeah we're working very closely with ese we've created a government coordinating council ucsd just sit on that long with a variety of state and local election officials ese certifies the systems ese has the voluntary voting system guidelines were working with them and this update those they need to be updated we hope that the final draft will come out next month we need to continue to work with them to expedite that so that we have a guideline that reflects the current threat but i would say i think the role between da is clear right now it's just making sure that we're doing it in lockstep so that we're together providing the assistance that the states need some questions for the record on on that topic.

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