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On the riverside freeway in corona I really raking in the dough officials are calling it an unexpected windfall. Forty million dollars in tolls. Since the lanes opened about a year ago three times as much as expected, we're happy with how many people are using the road where we are certainly pleased with the revenue numbers. However, I think we are also cognizant that it's not something that's gonna necessarily lasts forever. John stand afford with the Riverside County transportation commission says they plan to put the money to good use the most immediate that. We're looking at westbound lanes between seventy one freeway in green river road. He says the westbound lane see a lot of traffic and during the morning hours on weekdays have the highest tolls. Karen Adams Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio victims of domestic violence are increasingly turning to some of the people. They trust more than anybody else. It's their hairstylists there. Manicurist their skin-care experts people who have physical contact with them on a regular. Basis. People who have a weekly biweekly a monthly touch with fire via their head their faith their hands and feet, and there's a certain fund there that exists in that builds trust. That's why ten win head of advanced college in garden grove, domestic abuse education program called cut it out which put out a presentation in front of one hundred fifty of his students this week, certainly see this as a big need not only to launch but schools in our area and nationally California passed a law last year requiring people in the beauty industry to undergo such training on sex assault and domestic violence what applying for or renewing their license Brian paying KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a still unidentified infant whose body was discovered back in July will finally be laid to rest. She is known only as baby Jane Doe. Her body was discovered on July twenty seventh near the fifteen freeway in corona attempts to locate the infants family have not yielded any results, so far even though police released a photo of batik shirts. She was wearing now. Thanks to generous donors a burial for the child will be held Thursday morning at the sunny slopes cemetery in corona corona police are still hoping to identify the girl and ask anyone who may know anything about her to contact them. Nathan Roberts KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. You can download the radio dot com app and favourite Kanak. You'll get updates on breaking news anytime anywhere with KNX. Push alerts. It's nine twenty five.

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