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All right right but no jack lanza an agent them you know in heated even say this to to he it was almost a matter of fact chief jay strongbow is an agent those gas in those times the way they looked at it is you're gonna have a year before you you put a slot even it was a year to get over it was we're going to do this right because if you look at each of those programs that i had it was a building block yes another benefit like he was a building block you know and me being around the industry you know was jumping up and down yeah i get to do this for another six eight weeks yeah get to know i but i did know understood they're building the character and just the reaction i could hear when i went out every night right and it built and built and built and i'm like yep there there is i keep going equity but that's i knew when they pulled the trigger on whatever angle for us to get ratings or draw money or that is going to be ready because they were building it as a slow build and and that's what i would do we'll get back to double jay momentarily i've told you all about it before if you haven't listened to me yet now is the perfect time to listen buying tickets to sports and concerts it can be complicated it can be confusing but i'm here to tell you that there's a better way to buy and that is with seatgeek this is a big weekend coming up for wwe chicago too big wrestling city you're talking about takeover chicago you're talking about money in the bank you're talking about all in coming up in september all these shows are difficulty tickets to how about a couple of months from now summer slim you're talking about the barclays center hosting takeover summer slim raw and smackdown people are already coming up to me and they're going sam i'm trying to get these summer slam tickets but i think i waited too long you know what i tell them no such thing you know why seatgeek all you have to do is download the seatgeek app on your phone.

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