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New Jersey one at one point five news starts now. I'm Jennifer Celo topping our report this hour. Atlantic City mayor Frank Gilliam who is under federal investigation is mayor in name only after state officials exerted full operational control of the embattled cities administration the decision to take over day to day operations came from Lieutenant governor Sheila Oliver billion cannot hire or fire personnel or spend any money last month. The FBI raided gilliam's home and took away boxes and computers. The new charges have been filed a colts neck youth, teen tennis instructor faces multiple sex related charges including kidnapping and sexual assault against one of his students and other children a grand jury handed up a new indictment against Terry. Who also goes by the name of Victor, Li the twenty six year old was initially indicted last January after a thirteen year old came forward with authorities high tech and life science startup companies in jersey that move into collaborative workspaces canal apply for grant money to help them pay their rent. Tim Sullivan of the jersey economic development authority says the DA is sponsoring the nj ignite program because. Accessory for startups that are in these kinds of collaborative workspaces that's incubators or accelerator exhilarated co working spaces almost double the rate of success of companies that are not in these kinds of collaborative workspaces, he adds helping startups ultimately mean more jobs and a boost for the state economy. He's Florida's problem. Now, a panhandler known for his aggressive interactions with motorists in Trenton has been relocated. With the help of New Jersey transit Jose was a familiar sight in recent years as he solicited money food, clothing, even Booz several blocks from the transit center. Thanks to nj transit outreach program Jose received a one way bus ticket to the sunshine state where he joined up with relatives. Go fund me fraudsters, Kate MacLaurin. Mark d'amico in homeless vet Johnny are all facie conspiracy and theft charges after making up a sob story, but how it helped MacLaurin her hour of need. And in response assemblyman, Ron denser is sponsoring a Bill that calls for internet scammers to face mandatory jail time and a fine five hundred dollars for each contribution. In addition to the. Normal find that goes with anywhere from fourth to first degree crimes for Seth by deception. The homeless vet hero scam collected more than four hundred thousand dollars. Go fund me has refunded. Everyone who contributed after hearing about the fake story. Authorities say no charges will be filed after brianna the cow escape from a truck on her way to a slaughterhouse in Paterson the cow kicked out the door on the second tier of a double decker trailer. She then plunged about eight feet onto route eighty.

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