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Gordon ill advisedly and stupidly posed for a photograph. But that horse is not in pain. An accident has happened. The horses had to be put down, but he's not doing anything to hurt the horse. It was a silly thing for him to do. I hammered him on the final for a long, a hammered him on talk sport. I called, I said, the suspension was right. But I also said, once this suspension was lifted for some reason, we're doubling back there. When the suspension was lifted, that right, that's it. He served his penance. He served his time. Let him come back. And Gordon's age, you can see the effect of the talent on him. This man is dealing with a live resource who can feel pain who is feeling pain and will feel the pain of his actions. And yet, people who were on this show are no longer are, are defending him. They're either shadow liking comments on Facebook or their shadow liking stuff on Twitter or retweeting support of him. Hey, they're not retweeting and actually they're just being clever enough to like it so that their name is there in support of sir Mark taught, but without retweeting it to bring the mob on them. But they wanted Gordon's head last year. Now they don't. And some are has acted in the manner that he has with a live horse. Horse who will actually feel pain. And he himself has apologized. He himself, before I'm pretty certain, before he was pushed, he resigned from the world resource welfare association. Pretty certain they were just going to go you're fired, or you're sacked, but as a patron he resigned from that. And you are right. He apologized. But the fact that he apologized means that all these people who are coming up with like, there was a sales agency. It was highlighted by godolphin John who was shattered to get off and John again. One of the. Most sensible and intelligent tweeters of horse racing commentary, on the tweet machine, a sales agency comes out in defense of Samarkand because of this longer video. And there seems to be this narrative of turning it on the person who released the video. Well, maybe she had two years to think about what happened to one. You know what? That wasn't right. So I don't get where the defense of Mark Todd comes from. And I really don't get how people who are in horse racing media. Are defending him. When those same people were hammering Gordon alias and wanted him gone. I don't get how there can be a defensive one. But not a defense of the other. Well, I'm certainly not defending him. But I'm certainly I'm not saying two wrongs make a right either. So I think it's up to the BHA now how they handle the case because yes, what he's done is inexcusable. I'm certainly not defending him, but I will just have to say that people must get the facts right because the video that was shown of Mark Todd hitting the horse, it wasn't a race horse. I'm not saying that makes it any better or any different. But it was a private lesson from what I gathered. It's a show jumper, isn't it? Yeah, it's not race, it's not a race horse because it's a private lesson. From whoever he was giving less than two, but yet I'm certainly not the venue here I'm certainly not saying.

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