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Was Josh Johnson. But he will not play in the af I mean, he probably still good. But for now he will not he has been signed by the Washington Redskins Corey. Do you sign anybody? They were won over. No, do you think they were won over by the fact that he was the number one pick in the af draft. And they're were like, you know, what? Yeah. I. No. Sorry. I'm maybe maybe they were. But I don't I don't by the way, somebody pointed out Jeff Wilson Jeffrey Wilson. Is the backup behind Brita? Went to U N T baby. So maybe that's a guy. Onto Elkhart high school in Elkhart, Texas. He's a rookie this year. Interesting. The only thing I can think of that would have been more interesting than that is if this game would have ended this way, I'm sure you listening to Sunday night football right here. I wanna five three the fan. The chargers led by Romo west got past the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, it was one of the weirder finishes. We've seen in recent memory is the chargers eventually kicked a field goal after the Steelers went off sides three times in a row. Did you know that there is a rule in place? And it's kind of of the subjective rule or the officials can decide if you keep going off sides intentionally they can just rule a touchdown. Yeah. That's awesome. Would.

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