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Jeremy foster KTAR news timpee is learning how opioids are used and abused by residents by examining sewage. ASU engineer. Ralph Halden is six months into his study of the human waste to help the city pinpoint which health care and counseling resources are needed and in which neighborhoods and hopefully see the intervention that we implement. Make a change in the trend of drug quantities going through city on a daily basis. Dr Houghton says wastewater treatment facilities have been trained to spot the types of drugs going through residents bodies and pills. That have been flushed down toilets a morning jog turned into a run for her life for a one woman in Santan valley yesterday, the panel county sheriff's office says the woman was running in an area called Johnson ranch around ten AM when a man tried to grab her now is working to find the suspect. She describes him as a white male with Brown hair in his mid thirties with scrappy facial hair. She says the man was following her. And a great Toyota Tacoma when he started making inappropriate comments. But then he opened the car door grabbed her by the arm and began to pull her in. She was able to escape and call police if you have any information culpa now county sheriff's office Taylor Kenner up KTAR news already. There have been human trafficking related arrest in Atlanta with the Super Bowl this weekend. A student led organization here at home. Home was to keep a spotlight on the issue, especially what's happening right here in the valley, ASU senior, Rachel guys. Our heads up. The all walks project was working to clear up misconceptions a lot of people confuse prostitution and human trafficking, and it's really hard to prove human trafficking, especially because usually it's through fraud and coercion more. So than force where people are exploited in the trafficking. Geyser says according to a two thousand fourteen study there are more than seventy eight thousand human trafficking buyers in the Phoenix area alone..

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