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To go on with that good feeling you know behind us that's true it also helps when you have lebron james on your squad because you're going to get open shots because so much attention is paid to him or lebron the broad is going to have such a fantastic game that you'll be able to feed off of because coaches seemingly have no idea how to defend him and i know they debated this on on the nba on tnt last night you know the the two superstars said you shouldn't double team lebron james kitty smith said should i how do you not double team the best guy on the floor and try to neutralize his effectiveness and we all know the brown is different he's a great score is even better passer if you can believe that because he's a really great score but he's been passing all this life that's been his mentality all this life you gotta make it difficult for him and the way you make it difficult for superstar is to not let him get the same one on one look over and over again and even the same double team look as well you got you got you gotta vary it up but you cannot go with a well he's just so good at he's such a good passer we can't double team one now you're inviting that dude to get himself going and we all know that cavaliers team takes all of its cues in a negative way but they take all of their basketball cues from the brunt if the braun is rolling the rest of the cabs will follow how do you not make life difficult for the brought i know that's a difficult thing to do but you at least have to try on some level well here's the thing if you're going to double and i agree you never give the superstar the same look all the time never not you know they're they're just too good that way but if you double team lebron and oh he finds jr smith you know what okay i'm gonna live which are smith taking a guess what sometimes i'm going to get burned because jared smith gonna hit threes but i know lebron is going to go foul out my entire roster going to the rim i know he's going to back down and shoot that turnaround i know he's gonna make threes.

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