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Keep the jersey no my goal was to have statement and i'm going for juicy we have all the riders in the team to go for to see so next next days i'm gonna kill myself for them complicate few crashes were you aware of any of those super crazy and hectic final and yeah i think what florida went down my teammate and so we had one less person and we we lost contact a lot so it was really hectic final and lucinda did early job getting into position regardless of the the craziness finish it was quite tough yeah yeah we knew slightly hill new there'd be a lot of wind off the off the coast and straight headwind so yeah we're pretty prepared for that and the good finish for me something like that but yeah just ran out of juice there little bit at the end disappointed to miss the wind p with feeling yeah it's a good start for sure there's former days here so yeah of course always disappointed not gonna win but it was a good start nonetheless hi i'm i'm a cyclist i race all kinds of bikes mountain bike marathon fix get chris road races downhill enduro too i write about fight so i'm a journalist i'm a blogger video maker cycling coach and mountain bike guide i support skoda's campaign to close the gender gap in cycling this is our time i'd like see more women riding bikes mainly because i want move into ride with and women racing because the move women races the more fun is for everyone but also kind of feel like i get to enjoy this really cool thing and other women on experiencing an i i think they should be missing out so i'll tell you anything can to get more women involved i mean every time i go to race me and my mates always trying to recruit more female races but yeah i mean not just for racing though i just think women should be riding bikes for fun is it's not a little while.

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