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Retell dysfunctional you can't don't call her baby ugly we can call it ugly as a joke but you don't do it right it's not funny we say that hank can't get his penis heart right we're we're allowed to talk about how limp in flash and just like ineffective is dick not you and how insane it is that it happened when his twenty four chassis thing i should post a dick pic to prove the hey yeah i think you almost have to you have to yeah really show them this might be my favorite one that i've read from you guys fat tom selleck and goldie hawn team saifi adventure to cure the young boys bout of impotency and literacy that's that's short and sweet wouldn't watch that movie though yeah i i totally totally went went really really somebody make a movie poster for that one it's like overboard meets three men and a baby stu moore movie content here yeah all right last one very correct podcast mike ditka fat nephew teams up with a hypersensitive blind check to poke fun of their producers penis problems also guy named bubba but what he does is very unclear well he gets hit by cars really what he's really good he's a michael jordan get hit by cars best there is besser ever was let's it yeah hey sorry about all the jokes dick like limp saggy sad penis sorry sorry about the sorry sorry i don't think you have to like do a dick pic just do like a where some nice police rubbed around for a little bit and just let it poke out like a tent maybe.

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